Friday, October 17, 2014

The Best of Me - Movie Review

Who's In It? 


What's It About? 

Two people who were together as teenagers meet and have an affair after 20 years - you know the story.

Any Good? 

Short answer? No, not at all. Long answer? This film was not only had one of the worst scripts I've ever seen, but it was downright offensive in what it portrayed. The main thing I take from any of Nicholas Sparks' work, and from this movie in particular, is that ALL women cheat on their husbands with people they knew as teenagers and the husbands deserve it because every married male is a caricature of fat-cat bankers - right down to the whiskey and golf.

The err.. new Nicholas Sparks movie - adultery intact!

The only way this disgrace was stomach-able was playing guess the script/story with Ally, which gained us many a salty look due to our spot on guesses of explosions (I know..) and James Marsdon's lines. I honestly just can't flesh out a good commentary on the acting, this is worse than one of those Lifetime movies you watch if your Sky shuts off for a day and it certainly didn't help that young Dawson (Marsdon) actually looked like an older JGL - older than both honestly.

In this huge pit of dirt and rough there was one diamond - hillbilly fights are HILARIOUS. I honestly laughed at every scene Dawson's hillbilly family was in - just YouTube it some time, do NOT give Sparks money for this absolute tripe. I shall leave you all with one question - is Nicholas Sparks the greatest con-man of our time with his ability to sell the same morally questionable story time and time again? Watch your backs Ponzi and L. Ron Hubbard, you have new competition..


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