Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday's Moments ~ 20/10/14

I've said it for a couple of weeks running and I'll say it again, life is preeettty freakin' sweet right now. I know it's not entirely down to to positive thinking, of course it's not but I genuinely believe if you take the time to be grateful for the small things, life begins to throw some pretty fabulous big things your way too. 

Just five of the Moments that have banished ALL Monday blues 'round these parts are: 

1. Aaron Returning My Leap Card AFTER He'd Doubled Its Credit! 

2. Fluffy Emma Gifting Me The New Chanel Gloss - 
Just Because It's My Colour

3. Managing To Nab The Lorac Mega Pro Palette 
At The Last Minute!

4. Adam Saving American Horror Story So We Could Watch It Together
(If you have/know teens you'll know this is HUGE)

5. Being Booked For My First Paid Blogger Event!

This week is kicking ASS and I have to stop to gather my thoughts every so often so as not to completely lose the run of myself. Things are very good right now and that feels pretty epic. It's looking like that's set to continue this week too 
so I'll happily ride this wave for as long as I possibly can. 

Tell us, what's great that's going on with you right now? What's the one Moment that tops all others for you? 

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