Friday, October 31, 2014

Interstellar ~ Movie Review!

Who's In It? 


What's It About? 

All the food in the world except corn has fallen to the potato blight of the 1840's and a new planet is needed for some reason, I dunno, it's a damn space exploration movie!!

Any Good? 

After a year of r/movies circlejerking themselves raw over this movie, and Nolan in general, I reaaaally wanted this to be bad, but oh how wrong I was. The earth scenes were nonsensical, boring and really made made the film feel the full near 3 hours, but the space scenes are a complete experience.

As you can imagine, I'm a big fan of spacey, timey wimey...stuff and this movie blew me away. Even under the more-than-likely patented stupid loud music that blocks everything out, Nolan employs the silence of all space activity and it was slightly haunting - fair play 'che kicking the BWOOOOOM addiction there Chris!

The film itself is beyond beautiful, space is expansive, silent and lurking, while the worlds themselves were honestly (pun a little intended) out of this world. Even one of the planets, which seemed obviously shot in the sea was so alien it was incredible, you get a true feeling of being an explorer as they traverse the new galaxy and its planets.

As you can expect in midst of the McConnaissance, the man himself was fantastic, given a better script it would have topped his favourite performance of mine in Dallas Buyers Club. Anne Hathaway was actually pretty great, I'm usually meh towards her but she performed the, again weak, script more than admirably. But the real stand-out performance for me was Bill Irwin as the robot TARS, that beautiful soulbot had to be my favourite character.

Marvin? R2D2? Legion? Nah, TARS is the real botbro.

I really enjoyed this movie, well worth the full watch time (pee breaks at earth parts, they're baaad) and can even make you cry several times. TARS was like Marvin from Hitchhicker's Guide crossed with R2D2, he was awesome and his design may make him my favourite robot in all of cinema. If you can look past the weak script in general (ESPECIALLY in young Murph's area) like I did you'll love this just as much as I did, it's a feature length, better Doctor Who movie.


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