Friday, August 12, 2011

Best in Awards 2011

If you're not currently residing under a rock you'll know that the inaugural Best in Awards was held lastnight in the uber stylish Dylan Hotel. They were the brainchild and beauty baby of the lovely McDermott sisters over at, or the 'Evil Geniuses' as MC last night Karen Koster from Xposé referred to them. 

The main reason these awards are so relevant is that they're reader voted. 100%. Over 70,000 votes, over two rounds and in 48 categories were whittled and compiled until the eventual winners announced. No PR or Marketing influence allowed so you can be sure these are tried, tested and genuinely loved products before you part with your hard earned Eurits/Paaaands. 

Delighted to be in attendance, and dressed as close to the nines as we could get, we were met by a plethora of beautiful West Coast Cooler babes, who proceeded to keep our glasses topped up with bubbles. Tasty, tasty West Coast Cooler bubbles. That and the fact that I spent the night gabbing to the beautiful people and laughing till my jaw ached means my pics are minimal and have been kindly donated by Kirstie from their facebook page where there's loads more info. 

Delicious, all of 'em
So who won? There were several surprises, namely for me that Moroccan Oil didn't place with Aussie Shampoo making it to the top spot. The best zit zapper? Sudocrem! I've been using it for years, so no shocker there. Even your trusty face cloth made an appearance. A full list of winners is available here and the girls have made the genius decision to include the five best in each category so if one brand doesn't suit your skin type or your purse weight, you have options. 

As I've said it was a genuinely enjoyable night. A testament to the Mc Dermott sisters work on their site that they have such a close knit blathering community. I'd like to wish them continued success, though it doesn't get a lot more successful. It was so good to put faces to Twidder avatars too, some of those fab ladies have put together their own posts on the event Do yo'self a favour and take a looksie!


Kirstie said...

just logging in to leave an evil genius style comment.
Hmm. Right - all out of evil for today apparently so thank you SO much for coming and here's to next year!

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Was great to finally meet you, we will have to do it again soon, but just expect a normal hello this time ;P

Sue Jordan said...

Forgerrih Karen!

I never want to enter a room again without that reception - work included!

Great night ;)

cornflakegirl said...

Was great to finally meet you, we'll have to work on upping the ante reaction wise for our next get together.

Great fun was had by all, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

nice blog !

Klaudia B.

Unknown said...

Lovely to meet you .. Had a ball