Thursday, June 30, 2011

Does My Nappy Look Big in This?


For as long as their have been teenage girls there have been risqué clothes smuggled out of homes in backpacks.

My Sis was way ahead of the curve with this, taking off her school polo neck in the leithreas from under her pinafore circa 1st class because it ‘choked’ her. Nudey underneath? No problem. She was a trendsetter.

I guess it may be a universal sign of getting older when you look at younger (& younger) girls wearing less and less and think ‘Not in my day’. There is no doubt that technology is advancing exponentially, putting the uncensored online world right into their pocket, literally. That the Yoof of today are exposed to sexuality and sexual images long before they have the emotional or rational thought process to see them for what they are and how, if at all, they apply to them. Of course said Yoof don’t see it like this, no more than we did.

As a treat for the eldest lad finishing his Junior Cert we went to SummerJam in the O2 on Tuesday night. Several different acts were playing, Ke$ha, LMFAO etc. I knew from the outset that the crowd would be fairly young. I have never felt as old or as overdressed in all of my 33 years. I like to kid myself that because there’s not a huge age gap between the lads and I that I’m not easily shocked, we’re on the same level. Yeah right.

First thing that hit me was the smell of the crowds, Aaron reliably informed me ‘That’s fake tan & lipgloss’ Smelled more like cheap perfume and fear if we’re honest. Making our way to our seats we were greeted by sight after sight, short shorts, bras, actual Oompa Loompas in mini skirts. The time and effort (and money) that must have gone into making these early teen girls up is mind boggling. Ain’t no way, no how we looked like that at that age. There I said it.

While thanking my lucky stars that I had boys a younger girl caught my eye. She wore suede tasselled hot pants with a matching tasselled bra. Nipple tassels. On a 13 year old. Aghast I said ‘Sweet Mother of God, look at HER’ in 2 simple words Adam’s response worried more than he has in his 14yrs. ‘I am’ says he.


Unknown said...

oh god, keep him away from that hussy, I know what you mean, i look at my little cousins and think "not a chance i was allowed go on like that at her age" so it's true we do all turn into our mothers, or slightly different versions of her

Breige said...

'Smelled more like cheap perfume and fear if we’re honest.',That had me giggling so hard to myself!!

But Jaysus, that tassle bra and hotpants combo, sounds horrible!Esp on a 13 year old. My Dad has supervised teen discos before one of his comments after was 'Half of them forgot to wear skirts, they just put on belts'!

Sue Jordan said...

Two words Out & Rageous :)

Jessica Louise said...

I am 14 year old girl and I sometimes get teased because I do not dress this way and to be honest, I never want to! I have never worn a pair of knicker shorts, nor a skirt that doesn't cover my cheeks. The problem is that when I go shopping for a new pair of beach shorts, when I get to the shelves I am bombarded by shorts that look way to short! I like to wear shorts with at least a bit of length the what I see are shorts that look like denim knickers. The pressure to look like this is phenomenal but I want to keep my dignity!

Sue Jordan said...

Jess, Thanks for your comment! Absolutely stick by your guns, I know it can be difficult when you're feeling pressurised but there's nothing more threatening to the status quo than a girl with confidence like you that's not afraid to stand by her principles. I hear you about there being little choice other than short shorts but hopefully those trends are about to change x

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