Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love at First Rub - Estée Lauder Idealist Illuminator Review

My first product review! Was planning on waiting to do this but, after several more compliments today, couldn't.

I bought the Idealist Illuminator as an afterthought and in the frenzied WANT of the Estée Lauder gift (Beautiful navy patent shoulder bag stuffed with goodies). My main purchase was the EL Bronze Goddess Soleil scent, which is se-here-riously gawjus, my new summer scent & the star of an upcoming post.

Anyway, EL idealist is pricey at €56 for 30ml in Boots but me, being me, rounded it down to €100 for the two. I have to say it is, by far, the best €56 I've spent on a long while.

It claims as their first fast acting serum to dramatically reduce the look of uneven tone, dark spots, blotchiness & sun spots. And by God does it deliver. The SA recommended to use it morning and night before moisturiser for the first couple of days then once a day after that.

The product itself is a pearly lemonish iridescent gel like serum that has the scent of sweet citrus, I had taken a couple of swatch photos but on account of them looking a little, er, rude decided to leave them out.

I cannot state enough the dramatic difference this has made to my skin in a short space of time. Within a day or so I was doing a double take in the mirror, now 12 days later I am receiving compliments from several people a day. Its that good. I have noticed a big difference in my pores, which I didn't realise was a focus of this product but also the general evenness of my skin tone now is astounding. My face looks lighter, brighter and well healthier.

I have one tiny patch of pigmented skin high on my cheek, that my mother affectionately calls my 'prison mark' because she knows how much I love it (Not) and I think my real Aha moment of Grá for this product was when I noticed it has all but disappeared. In 12 days people!

EL you have surpassed yourself with this one and in one illuminating stroke become my new HG fave.


Unknown said...

As luck would have it, I have just run out of my normal Idealist and am totally going to replace it with this. It has just shot right to the very top of my "ohmyGodmustrunoutandbuyimmediately!!!" list. Great review x

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks so much! It really is that good, let me know if you do purchase x

Unknown said...

ahhhhh lovely, thank you I will be buying :) xx