Monday, June 27, 2011


Are there limits to the credit you can take for your children’s talent and personalities? I don’t think so, my youngest, Adam, disagrees.

I should rationalise this by explaining that being the only girl in our little family the majority of our familial interactions revolve around mild name calling, veiled threats and occasional ‘batings’ (roughhousing). All coming from a place of Love though, just so we’re clear.

Having been schooled in the Dojo of 2 big brothers myself, to be fair, I always have the advantage. It’s not ladylike but it works for us. Their sharp wit and ability to laugh at absolutely anything though, awes me almost every day. When friends say ‘sure they get that from you’ I can’t help but feel a little bit chuffed.

Said youngest, is hugely talented when it comes to art, crafts or anything he puts his mind to. He knows this. Partially because I praise him unashamedly and partially because he has more confidence and self assuredness by nature than any ‘awkward teenager’ has a right to have. His elder brother, Aaron, is more of a philosopher, a deep thinker with a heart of gold who would unquestioningly lie down in traffic for you should you ask him. He’s a technological genius but unless you catch him at it you’d never know. Let’s just say I know who’ll be buying my blue rinses when the time comes.

Let me demonstrate my point about credit though: I love all things quirky and like to thank people if they’ve helped me out. Recently as Thanks for study notes I’d missed I sent a good friend an email with this attached:


Thinking it was cute I texted the boys with the picture, within, let’s say 15 mins; I received this picture reply from Adam:

Getting over spitting coffee onto my desk with an outburst of laughter & the fleeting thought that I may need to budget for a child psychologist I showed it to my boss and texted him back…

Me: ‘My boss says I’m hilarious’
Adam: ‘What do you mean you are?!, I made it!’
Me: ‘Yes, you made it but I made you. Ergo, I’m awesome’.

I can only imagine him pinching the bridge of his nose with a slow headshake as I got no response.

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Unknown said...

hahaha that is hilarious! My brothers are the same, too witty for their own good sometimes!!