Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Imperial Leather Foamburst New Lineup

I've been an Imperial Leather Foamburst fan for many a moon now, since way back when I thought it was fanceh to shave your pins with the foaming, sudsy goodness. Truth be told they've advocated this new line up as shave gels too, so I reckon that makes me a shaving hipster of sorts. 

The budget favourites have had a face lift though and a scent lift - they've also been assigned beefy, half nekkid genies to promote each tin but I won't subject you to those because, well, yawnsies. Instead I'll tell you about the few I've tried and why I think you should too. 

Sweet Vanilla & Cherry Blossom, Uplifting Lime & Grapefruit, Bewitching Blackberry & Wild Fig
Because Boots were having an introductory offer on these pretties of €2.50 each, I picked up four. The three above and Honey & Almond Milk (which was gifted to the Mammeh). I honestly can't decide which scent I like the most. Cherry Blossom is one of my favourite smells of all time and this version mixed with sweet vanilla is the perfect blend without being too sweet. So much so that the lads have both asked for this when hopping into the shower and they're quite picky indeed. 

Without doubt, fig has been the scent above all else this year as far as I'm concerned and this pairing with blackberry is genuinely fab. So much so that I've bought a second tin for my Mammeh because it has to be shared. 

Uplifting Lime & Grapefruit is the perfect morning shower companion. Bright and zesty, the scents almost burst from the foam as soon as you use it. Fabliss. 

There are seven in the new Imperial Leather Foamburst lineup with this little lot making up the balance: 

  • Spicy Ginger & Orange
  • Bracing Bergamot & Sea Minerals
  • Honey & Almond Milk
  • Rebalancing Green Tea & Jasmine

Though I picked 'em up at €2.50, the regular price in Boots is €4.09 - buy here but for a tin that's designed to last 40 showers, you're still getting a helluva deal considering the quality of product. 

My only regret is that I didn't pick up the entire line at the discounted price. As expensive as my usual shower ablution saviours are (J'accuse Molton Brown) there really is something a little bit luxe about the arm fulls of soft, lathering foam that you get from Foamburst gels. 

Are you a Foamburst fan? 


Anonymous said...

I'm a big Foamburst fan, I've had the blackberry and fig shower gel in my shower for the past month. My bathroom always smells delicious now!

Anonymous said...

Never tried em! Was about to but couldn't catch a whiff because you can't open 'em. Might throw caution and just get that vanilla one.

Unknown said...

Never heard of them! The packaging is gorgeous! How did I miss these?! x

Audrey- The Nail Affair said...

I've never seen these anywhere, but heard about them. Definitely want to pick up that sweet vanilla one! Yum!