Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday's Moments: 28/10/13

Happy Monday one and all and happy bank holiday my Irish brethren. Can you believe it's the last one before Christmas? Me neither. 

How about some Moments that are chasing my blues away today? Hmmm? 

1. Love/Love

My Sis (THAT SHOULD HAVE A BLOG) has been knocking it out of the park this week with her pumpkin carvings. I snorted laughing when I saw her tweet this one to the chap who plays Elmo on Love/Hate. Now that's a talent. 

2. New Pumpkin Spice Obsesh

My timelines have been awash for the last month with pumpkin spice this and salted caramel that. I'd been avoiding the hysteria but eventually relented this week when the eldest and I sat down for a treat. 

He's basically 70% Starbucks hot chocolate since starting college, even though I told him to stay away from the place and their wage sucking ways. He convinced me to try the pumpkin spice latte and, sweet baby J, it was love a first sip. I am, even now, constantly thinking about my next one. Curse you, Child!!

3. Cozy Comfort 

On a rare journey past my hall door this week, I dropped into Avoca to pick up some dinner as a treat and encountered this furry little wonder. 

Having had an unfortunate incident throwing my other reheatable heat pad in on top of day old chow mein in the microwave and the subsequent hum wafting from my pj bottoms, this Cozy Bottle is the answer to my bandy back woes for now. Soft, squishy, hot in less than 90 seconds and lasting for 2 hours at a time, it's the best €17 I've spent in a very long time - and who doesn't want lavender scented pants, right? 

4. Overwhelming Entries

Monday saw the final day of our RiRi Hearts Giveaway and while I understand that this was a much awaited MAC collection, the response to this competition was nothing short of overwhelming. 

Two and a half thousand is unprecedented but thank you kindly to every single one of you and especially to the two ladies that won, you're absolutely lovely. There'll certainly be more where this came from, you can be assured. 

5. A Very Happy Unbirthday to Us

The Gorgebags and I were pretty much holed up all weekend, watching The Good Wife boxset and escaping the rain. When the eldest had to pop to the shops it was a unanimous decision that we wanted cake (I've taught them well). 

He arrived home  30 minutes later, out of breath and explaining 'I got it, she didn't ask any questions'. Turns out he'd bought an actual birthday cake, though it's no ones birthday and came in pale faced as if he'd been through a shady drug deal. I'm going to go ahead and recommend birthday cake when it's not your birthday as a cure to owt that ails you. It was blahhdy marvellous. 

So what's going on in your corner of the globe? Any happy haps you'd like to share? 


Eleanorjane said...

Mmm.... cake... (Homer Simpson drool).

So, what cheered up my Monday? Getting to roll over and doze for another hour 'cos the storm meant that I didn't need to drive for 80 miles to work. Also, lots of cute cuddly dogs in the local office. And a pretty calm day here, given all the storm warnings. And a quiet night at home to catch up on my blogging... so an alright day, really.

Unknown said...

My happy moment today was when I was on the bus a little kid started singing his alphabet song and the whole bus applauded when he finished!! So cute!!