Saturday, July 06, 2013

June Faves 2013

So the lurgy very nearly beat me this week but I couldn't let the month go on without a shout out to the stand outs of the past four weeks. June, you were a good 'un, here's some of your best bits: 

1. Essie, The More the Merrier: (€12.99)

I've made my grá for this Essie Summer collection very clear here but given Sophie's Choice and having to pick a favourite, the truth is I've been reaching for this stunning lime creme more than any other polish in the past month. 

If I remove a polish just to reapply it then I know it's a winner. THREE TIMES I've done that with The More the Merrier. That's a Win. 

2. The BodyShop's Vineyard Peach: (from €13.50 in store)

This body butter was sent for review last month and one sniff of the Fuzzy Peachesque wave of nostalgia and I broke my own Blogger cardinal rule - I delved in immediately and rubbed the heady scented gorgeousness up my arms. 

I've since rebought the entire collection having realised it's Limited Edition. The scent lingers for the entire day and the body butter is definitely a thigh rubber (as in I have a little rub of my thighs when on the loo just to feel the loveliness) (It's how I judge all body creams)(I never claimed to be sane). 

3. Clean Marine's Krill Oil: (€21.99)

I'm a big believer in supplements helping us out of a tight spot but fish oils usually repeat like goodo on me so I avoid 'em like the plague. I was dubious when this Krill Oil pack dropped on my desk and the smell once the packet was opened was nowt short of noxious. The fact is though, that these don't repeat once swallowed, not even a little bit. 

I've found my nails are stronger, skin a little clearer and my general mood seems to be lifted. Apparently they're recommended for PMS too, though I'm not a sufferer, thankfully. The lads were also sent the male version and I thank them for getting them through their recent exams, they've continued taking them without me asking and that's a miracle in itself. We like you Krill Oil, you can stay. 

4. FitFlop's Electric Indigo Yoko Summer Sandal: (€99)

I'm a FitFlop fan, I say this, I tweet this, I Facebook this, we know this. This Electric Indigo pair has to be one of the highlights of my shoe wearing Summer. 

I'm no longer driving so am now walking to and from work everyday. These wobbleboard workout pretties have not only made that trudge more bearable but my legs are really feeling the advantage too. Keep an eye out early next week as I'll have something verrry exciting to share from the FitFlop Gods. Keep Peelers Pelt. 

5. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Collection: (from €7.89)

When it comes to budget beautiful hair care, John Frieda really do have the (Super)market cornered. This newest collection, Luxurious Volume, is just that, luxurious to use and volumising to boot. 

Normally I'll use several combinations of serums, oils and sprays with my shampoo and conditioner but on a recent weekend away I realised I didn't need to do that with John Frieda. My grúaig is soft but full and easily manageable for up to three days. It's a busy Momma's dream. 

6. Versace Yellow Diamond: (from €41)

Though I will always call this brand Ver-sayce in honour of Showgirls, I've never really been a fan of the ostentatious style that goes with it. That was until I took one sniff of this pretty on a Sephora stop in Paris. 

Light and bright the smell is exactly what a Summer scent should be. It's uplifting, lasting and incredibly easy to wear. I like it. A Loh. 

7. Dove Compressed Deodorant, Invisible Dry: (€3.49)

These new compressed bottles that house exactly the same amount of spray are not only space saving genius but a manna to all ladies on the run. 

Not only does it fit in the smallest of málas but the scent is beautifully fresh and lasts. Ideal for a quick spritz during the day. I'm not a usual groper of pits but I have noticed that mine seem softer since using Dove Invisible Dry (that could be subliminal from all the flashing of pittage in the ads). Either way, I've since bought three more for my desk, dresser and mála. Love the stuff. 

8. Estée Lauder Pure Colour Stay on Paint in Cosmic: (€23)

While haring around Sephora in Paris last week one of the only counters to stop me in my tracks was Estée Lauder. Once I'd set eyes on this super soft, ridiculously pigmented paint shadow I knew we were going to be friends. 

A deep copper that's literally stuffed with multi coloured micro glitter I had worried that it'd be dry on the lid, not so. It applies like a dream and once set (in a mo) it lasts all day long. Be-A-YOOT-iful with green/blue eyes, I'll certainly be checking out the rest of this SS/13 collection. It's love. 

Wheeeweee, that's them, my June faves that'll be the cream of the crop for the foreseeable. You might have noticed that a lot of the links I've included are to, have you used it yet? I'm afraid of Laser meltage. 

Do let me know what your June favourites were and, of course, if you're a fan of any of my ones - it's always good to know that a great product works brilliantly for more than just me. 

Happy weekend, everyone!


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