Tuesday, July 30, 2013

L'Occitane's Verveine Menthe/Mint Verbena: A Unisex Intensely Refreshing Citrus Saviour in this Muggy Weather

Despite the Armageddon style weather of the past couple of weeks, I've yet to get used to the mugginess that this unprecedented summer weather has brought to our little emerald isle. From first thing in the morning I'm feeling the heat, right through to lunch when my Sweaty Bettyness comes to the fore and on to close of business when my makeup has slipped 3 inches and my hair resembles Monica on holliers, my only saviour has been L'Occitane's Mint Verveine (verbena). 

The 2013 edition of the French brand's summer verbena offerings, this mint had us smitten from first spray. It's citrussy, minty, zesty, verbena(y) and intensely refreshing - almost sparkling in its scent. 

Advertised as a unisex offering, I was interested to get the Gorgebags' take: 

Eldest: 'Has anyone baggsed this yet? It smells like a whoosh of musky mint'
Youngest: 'What mint shower gel?' with the very clear shape of the Mint Verveine up his geansaí!

Summer Mist 100ml - €23.50Fresh Roll-on 10ml - €20Eau de Toilette 50ml - €38
The mint essential oil used in the EDT and encapsulated in the tiny green spheres in the shower gel mean that this scent stays on the skin all day long, that doesn't stop me hopping into the shower as soon as I'm through the door to wash the day off and wake myself up though. 

For the more knowledgeable about stinky stuff among us the notes include green lemon, grapefruit,verbena, spearmint, peppermint, white woods and musk and depending on the time of day you'll smell every one. 

As it stands we've gotten through three quarters of the shower gel and I've caught Aaron twice so far liberally dousing himself in the EDT. Because it's limited edition though I'll definitely be picking up another shower gel and possibly the body lotion to match. How fresh is it? Minty Fresh. 

Are you a verbena fan? Have you tried this mint version yet? 

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