Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday's Moments: 29/07/13

Bet you thought there wouldn't be Moments, didn't you? You're not alone - pooter problems have reached epidemic proportions in Casa Cherry but hope is on the horizon. 

Desktop problem has been identified, it's a network card and it'll be fixed Thursday, it's PayDay. Until then though, here we are - Monday's Moments Uber Alles:

1. Shopping My Literal Stash

Here's the thing about living with two teenage man beasts, they're hungry and thirsty. Hungry and thirsty ALL THE TIME. Swarms of locusts with a bajillion tiny hollow legs haven't a patch on these two so in order for me to get anything, ever, evasive action must be taken. 

I would estimate that 30% of the weekly shop is stashed to be released at a later date and prevent all out hoggage of a Thursday and very occasionally I'll stash something so well that I'll completely forget about it until I'm searching for something else with a mouth like the Sahara. These Moments happen very rarely but when they do they're golden!

2. The Manly Man Washer/Embarrassment Maker 

By rights you should have seen this Moment last week, I've just about gotten over the embarrassment of it now though, just enough to put it on the blog. 

While in Boots I picked up the Lynx Man Washer for the lads, telling them about it they both burst out laughing in disbelief and pulled up this ad to explain why. Watch it, watch it and feel my complete bewilderment, shock and the reason they won't let me live it down for the next ten years...

3. Ahhh, I'm shot!

Before the torrential downpours of the past few days it had been a little while seen we'd seen the wet stuff, right? 

Coming back from lunch with my bestie Lisa (Hi Lisa *waves*) last week she suddenly dived sideways grabbing her face and looking at the sky 'Oh my god, what was that?!'.. 'Eh, that was rain!'. I couldn't be controlled laughing, she genuinely got the fright of her life that something wet had fallen from the sky and hit her.. Remember that time we forgot what rain was? Good times. 

4. Go On, Go On, Go On

This is a bittersweet Moment but one I have to share nonetheless. The Sis recommended Matthew Perry's new show Go On and I've devoured it since. Clever, original, sweet and laugh out loud funny (without the need for a God Awful canned laughter track to tell you when to titter) it has unfortunately gone the way of many awesome shows and been cancelled after one series. 

Do yo'self a favour though and watch it - beardy dude up there is probably one of my all time favourite sitcom characters and he's made me chuckle for days now. Stoopid NBC. 

5. A Smurftastic End to the Journey

Yesterday brought to an end the madness that was my Smurf Irish Ambassador journey (read about it here and here). We all got to attend the very blue and brilliantly organised (fair blahhdy play Sony) global premiere of Smurfs 2. 

The crazy nieces and nephews dressed up for the occasion and were papped from every angle so I'm expecting to see them in the papers this week but the most fun of the day had to go to the movie itself. We all genuniely enjoyed it - the baby sat for the entire show with his 3D specs on and we all laughed along. The eldest Gorgebag (pictured above) will have a full review on Friday but the childerbeasts the country over are gonna love it!

And that's them, the Moments that wouldn't be silenced, it'll quite possibly be Toosday by the time you read these but do please tell me - what's the happy haps in your corner of the world this week? Hmmmm? 

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