Thursday, July 04, 2013

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

I may be in my sick bed and I may have thought that my Jimmies would remain unrustled because of it - have they? Have they 'eck as like!

Here's the top things (and there's been many) reponsible for the rustling this week - Be sure to add your own in the comments - we're in this together, people!

1. Your Phone Battery on 20% by Lunchtime 
When You're Out for the Day

 photo Brave1_zps4fac4bf1.gif

2. People Stopping Dead in their Tracks 
When You're Walking Behind at Speed

 photo tumblr_mmcsorLbfP1r9osiwo1_500_zps6f286c1b.gif

3. Cyclists that Break the Lights!

 photo tumblr_ls90echqa11qhcrw8_zps44cf8945.gif

4. When the WiFi Refuses to Work!

computer rage gifs photo: Spock rage against computer gif spocksrageagainstcomputerp1.gif

5. Saving the Expensive Sweets for the Office and 
They're all Savaged Before You Get One

 photo tumblr_mavyunblrW1qck737_zps9fcfaf11.gif

And with that I feel a whooooole lot better!

Now it's your turn, consider this a circle of trust and release your Krakens in the comments. It helps - honest!


Anonymous said...

Idiots that don't use indicators & expect you to just know they're either about to pull out in front of you or jam on their breaks to turn 😡

S said...

Number 2 made me laugh so much that I forgot what I was annoyed about this week,cheers Sue!!

Kitty Catastrophe said...

Leslie Knope's face there is AMAZING! Once again, I must applaud your choice of gifs, m'lady.

Unknown said...

Number 2. SO MUCH. Especially now that the touristy hords have started to descend.

Otherwise, mine are all wedding related, and therefore boring to everyone else on the planet, but anyways: finally deciding on a venue... they have no available dates for the next billion years :(

Sarah Saunders said...

Well looks like my last comment wasn't approved. Oops, didn't see any rules about posting tho, so wasn't to know.

What I said was you can buy a cover for your phone that has an extra few hours batter life contained within once you press the magic button. It's an absolute life saver, think it was about £25 from a high street "indie" shop.

Love the Star Wars reference that made me smile.

thanks - hope you approve the comment this time so no-one else has No1 issues!