Monday, July 01, 2013

Monday's Moments: 01/07/13

Gooood Mooorning, July!! For the love of all things holy this year seems to be hurtling past, doesn't it? Though every single week is bringing bigger and better things so I'm really not complaining. 

This week was no exception when it comes to being spoiled for choice for Monday's Moments so let's have a squizz at the cream of my Happy Hap crop, shall we? 

1. Literally Google Searching Our Home

Oh wait, I totally did! 

I misplaced my Pixy Body Butter last week and was desperate to find it before I headed off for the weekend. Adam, being the dutiful Gorgebag offered to help find it if I could describe it. 

I'll go one better says I and googled it, lo and behold the first picture that popped up was MINE from my May faves post. It was propped up in the basket I'd used and then it clicked. It was still in the basket in the kitchen!! Astonishing stuff. We literally Google searched my own home!

2. Flicks on Friday Now a Family Affair

I know I'm biased when it comes to my two bags of gorgeousness but I can't help being a little bit stunned at the eldest's natural talent and humour when it comes to movie reviews. 

I agreed to give him a chance to review Man of Steel, gave Warner Bros a call and sent him along to the press show in my place. He's gone from strength to strength since then, rocking up to press shows and improving with every review. He's loving it and I'm one proud movie nerd Momma right now. 

 3. DotConf Shout Out

Friday saw the 4th annual DotConf in the NCIRL and my second year attending. The day is chock full of experts in social media, technical advancements and what it takes to make it big on the world wide web. 

The very lovely Paula from Market Match (pictured) took the stage and gave not only an insightful talk about what PRs look for in blogs but a hugely helpful and to the point presentation too. 

Of course I squirmed in my seat in chuffage when she mentioned that PRs are 'always looking for originality, something different, for blogs that share what Rustles their Jimmies'. Hiyaaaaay - the twitter stream lit up with peeps congratulating me on the shout out and I was absolutely chuffed. Thank you so very kindly, Paula. You know I loves ya :D

4. Sorry, Potential Daughters in Law

Having spent an epic day at both the DotConf and a sojourn to the Thinkhouse Social Media Day where serious chats were had I made it home about 10pm that night with no voice and bones of lead. I've been fending off a dog cough for days and it was winning because I was so wrecked. 

Expecting to find an empty nest, I was instead greeted by the eldest who had not only tidied up but he'd stripped, washed, dried and redressed my bed!! After I welled up slightly with gratitude I asked him why he'd done it and he said. 'I hate when you're not well, Mam'. 

I'm keeping him forever. And ever. And ever. 

5. The End is Nigh

Moment five comes in the fine form of Michael C Hall and it's been months getting here. It's time for the final season of Dexter and I can't make up my mind whether that's a good thing or not. 

On one hand this season is set to blow the other seven out of the water (pun intended) but on the other, Boo, no more Dexter. It's one of the only shows that's managed to stun me time after time so I honestly can't wait to see what they've in store for us before the final curtain. 

Tell me, what's been chasing away your Monday Blues this week then. Care to share a Moment or two? 


shiv said...

love that u googled your house lol

S said...

Aw I loved this post, you raised good ones xx