Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Chattery ~ Is Clean Eating the New Eating Disorder?

There's been something weighing on my mind for a little while now that has inspired an impromptu Chattery - this Quartz feature titled 'Eating Well May Be the New Eating Disorder' puts into words just what I've been thinking and opens a debate I think is well worth having. 

If you're an Instagram lover, or even a social media user for that matter, you will have seen a huge influx of 'clean eating', 'paleo' 'raw food' & 'vegan' posts popping up, books printed and careers being launched, within the past 2 years especially. I doubt there's one among us that doesn't have a pal that's on a bandwagon of sorts, some even having changed their lives and their health 180 degrees for the better. 

Truth be told I've taken to the 'Whole Food' way of eating with gusto too. I initially joined Slimming World, to shed some poundage but found their predilection for snacking on processed food too much for me. I've since adapted my diet to include a majority of whole foods and worked up my daily lunchtime walking to 6k. I'm a new person for it, having shed 3 stone, annihilated my chronic IBS and improved my dodgy back exponentially. 

Here's the thing, I still occasionally slip, I have the odd tipple, the odd takeaway and I'm in no way dogged about what I'm doing but I can't say the same for a lot of people I know. We were only chatting about a pal yesterday who's Sister in Law has taken the zero sugar way of life so much to heart that she's fallen out with her parents and in laws for the want of 'educating' them too. There's something very wrong about a situation that damages relationships, regardless of how well intentioned she might be. 

There's no denying a move toward whole foods and away from the crippling use of refined sugar is a good one but has it gone too far? Is 'Clean Eating' the new eating disorder? 

Let's Chat!

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