Monday, July 04, 2016

Monday's Moments ~ 04/07/16

How's your Monday going, lads? Mine is going exceptionally it has to be said. As ever I'm chasing my tail with blog posts of late but I couldn't let a Monday pass without giving thanks - it's the little things, right? The Moments that stand out above all others (and there are many) are: 

1. Imelda Marcos (AKA Adam) landing his DREAM job in JD Sports - part of his uniform is to wear his own 'kicks' - if that manchild doesn't moonwalk into the store in his best I'll know there's something seriously wrong!

2. Remember that Primark gift card? I spent the guts of it on ALL the fluffy socks & throws for the lads thinking I'd around €5 left. 

When I gave it to the gal on Thursday, to use the €5 and top up she told me to put my money away - there was €48 LEFT!! 

3. Returning a call to a UK agency when the girl on reception asked my name 'Oh I love you online' says she - OUT OF THE BLUE - that feeling will never EVER get old! 

4. Chatting on Sunday to the girl that actually saved Heidi's life! She saw her before & after picture shared from the blog FB and messaged me. I called her immediately. 

know when you rescue a dog you rarely get the back story so I'm delighted the blog has meant Heidi's story is in the public eye.

This girl told me how she sat up all night with her because she was so badly neglected that she was afraid she'd pass away. I can't thank her enough. She said that it's Heidi's fighting spirit that kept her alive and got her to us - BAWLAGE. 

5. The fifth and final Moment is not even my own but unbridled joy for someone else - 23 someone elses actually. The 23 bus drivers that scooped €24 MILLION with the Lotto this week. 

Many of whom were coming up to retirement and can now skip from the Broadstone garage with not a care in the world. Doesn't that just make your heart sing? 

Tell me, what's been chasing your Monday Blues away today, Hmm?