Thursday, October 13, 2016

~Witching Wednesday~ (Now on Thursdays!) ~ Let’s Get Crafty!

It’s that time of year again where we get crafty round these parts! 

Instead of our usual Tuesday’s Travels this week I’m bringing you ~Witching Wednesday~, where I’ll show you how to make a homemade Halloween costume that not only looks amazing but requires no sewing AND you get to eat loads of sweets, win/win!

I love making Pinterest come to life one pin at a time so when I saw this costume idea I just knew I had to make one. While I did use a ruler to get the lines straight I wasn’t that bothered with measuring & marking, preferring to just cut by eye as I just don’t have the time all that measuring involves.

Homemade Vending Machine Halloween Costume

You’ll need:

  •          Large Cardboard Box
  •          Paint & Paint Brush/Spray Paint
  •         Tinfoil
  •          Double Sided Tape
  •          Black Electrical Tape
  •          Glue Stick
  •          Sweets/Treats/Drinks
  •          Stanley Knife
  •          Printer/Paper


While shopping in Lidl a couple of weeks ago, I was eyeing up the boxes to find one big enough to accommodate my 9 year old daughter. Their Snaktastic popcorn box was perfect as it already had a hole cut out at the front, so I took two. I was surprised how easy black paint covered the red of the box, just one coat was needed.

I cut the bottom out of the box so she could get inside and cut a smaller hole out of the top, so her head and neck could stick out while the rest of the box sat on her shoulders. I cut the hole to the rear centre so there would be room at the front of the box for the goodies.

I cut one square for an armhole on the side of the box near the back top corner, rounding the top of the square for a better fit. I then used the square I cut out as a template for the opposite side so they’d be the same. I sealed all the edges at the arms, top and front of the box using black electrical tape.

Taking the second box, I cut the back off it cutting it about ½ an inch smaller all around the edges so it would fit inside the costume box. I covered this in tinfoil, taping the foil to the back of the cardboard.

I cut three thin strips of cardboard and covered them in foil and taped them to the foil covered cardboard to create little shelves. We all had to give a hand eating and drinking all the goodies that were going into our vending machine, it was hard work but someone had to do it! 

I puffed out the empty packets and used double sided tape to tape them onto the shelves. I folded strips of tinfoil and wound them around a spice container to get the round shape like the metal spirals holding products in vending machines, and taped these to the front of the packets.

I lined a couple of inches either side of the inside of the front of the box with tinfoil, then inserted the cardboard holding the goodies and taped it in place. I got three pieces of cardboard, cut them to size and used them for the bottom flap of the machine, the keypad and the name of the machine at the top. Using double sided tape I fixed these in place.

I printed and cut out ‘push’ for the flap at the bottom and used a glue stick to attach the letters. My daughter calls herself Moo so she called her machine Moos Treats - I printed the name and stuck it to the top panel doing the same for the numbers of the keypad. I covered a piece of cardboard in foil and stuck it under the keypad to replicate a coin return bowl. 

The last to go on was the lights I picked up in Penneys for €3, I taped the battery pack to the inside ledge on the bottom and taped the lights all around the inside to light up the sweets.

It took me a whole day to make it but I think it turned out looking better than the work I put in. Please excuse her messy hair as she had to try it on as soon as it was made with her moo pj's! 

What do you think? Do you have any homemade costume photos you want to share with us? Please do in the comments or on twitter @StoneTravel4!

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