Friday, May 05, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - Movie Review!

Who's In It?

and Kurt Russell

What's It About?

While returning from a mission protecting stealing cosmic batteries from a pretentious monarchy, the Guardians are shot down and rescued by Peter's Dad - Ego.

Any Good?

The thing with the first movie was that I loved it until the stupid end that I HATED, good thing they opened this one with more le funny meme dancing and no action, huh?

I was a bit disappointed with the characters this time round as well, they just seemed to be caricatures of what they are and didn't have much depth past a forced possible relationship (of course) and Drax going from great comedic timing to screaming laughing every time the camera is on him.

I will say though, I quite liked Yondu as he was the only one with character development and it was really really good - for Marvel sequels of course. His story-line was much better and badass as HELL as well, from when you meet the big boss all the way to the homage to Hitchhikers Guide.

While I don't see the Awesome Mix Vol. 2 being as iconic as as the first, it had some absolutely fantastic songs and carries on knocking soundtracks out of the park. IN SAYING THAT THOUGH, I think the totally messed up the most crucial music cues in the film and it makes no sense to me. 

With no real development other than a new villain set up for the NEXT movie and an interesting development being thrown away to be 'heroic', this is just a typical Marvel sequel. You'll see what I mean about the music cues when you hear Fleetwood Mac and Cat Stevens and realised THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN SWAPPED.



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