Friday, June 23, 2017

The House - Movie Review!

Who's In It?

Jason MantzoukasAmy Poehler, and Will Ferrell

What's It About?

When the town mayor rescinds the scholarship for Scott and Kate's daughter, they start an illegal casino with their gambling addict best friend.

Any Good?

I sort of got the feeling they were going for an Old School look for this movie, but it turned into f****ed up scenes with f***ing boring ones in f***ing between. Did I say f**k too much? Yeah, they f***ing do that too.

I honestly don't really get this movie, it feels like it was written as a bad Epic Movie style parody of casino movies but the film producer made them put in a family trouble to be 'relateable'. They shoved in the family motive, but left the rest of the really messed up stuff in.

I was surprised that they put a character that gets PTSD in it and the scenes are clever, but they just go back to doing seriously f'd up things the next day, and being proud of it. There also are (sort of) consequences, but they again disappear over night and it just takes away any of the point to a lot of the scenes.

A lot of f***s, bloody over-the-top scenes and cliche characters really do make this feel like the Casino Movie that they (thankfully) never made. It wasn't really interesting, or funny, but I can't really say I feel disappointed cause I was pretty WTF through a lot of it. 


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