Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cherry Pick of the Week: L'Oreal Elnett Strong Hold Volume Crème De Mousse!

I figured if Cherry Picks of the Weeks were to have real value I should show you a cracker of a product that, although started out as a Press sample, has since been repurchased several times over because it's feckin' marvellous. L'Oreal's Elnett Strong Hold Volume Crème De Mousse is unlike any hair care product I've used and, much like Elnett hairspray is a staple hair product that really should be in your arsenal. 

We all know I'm a lover of product but Elnett Satin mousse is one of those every day work horses, a given, regardless of fads, phases or press drops because it works beautifully, reliably and effortlessly every time. I apply it to damp, towel dried hair and it soaks in immediately. It's weightless, non sticky & gives my hair lift & hold like products five times its price. 

Unlike the Elnett lacquer, this mousse doesn't brush out, it doubles its efforts ~ exactly what you need if you, like me, turn into a greasy swamp rat if you wash your hair every day. For regular use, this mousse has actually replaced my use of lacquer entirely. Good news for the earth, my bank balance and my boys not having to leave through a fug of hairspray in the morning (We do our hair by the front door, I have no idea why). 

Just Elnett Stong Hold Volume Mousse blow dried - that's it. (same for me!)
There's 4 iterations of Crème De Mousse available, Stong Curl, Extra Stong, Glam Waves Supreme Hold & this Volume and Stong Hold. if truth be told I haven't tried the others yet as I shared the love with my original press pack and gifted my Mam the others. I may need to rectify that now my hair is shorter and curls are back on my radar. 

You'll pick each of the above up in Boots for €6.99 (there's usually an offer available), though it's sold out online, pretty much always or you can order online from Superdrug for £5.99 (2 for £9) HERE. Your grúaig will thank you for it. 

I wrote about other unsung beauty heroes many moons ago, funnily enough Elnett featured THERE too! 

Tell me, have you tried L'Oreal Elnett Strong Hold Volume Crème De Mousse? What's your go to, everyday Joe hair care product that you use almost without thinking about? 
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