Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mums on the Run ~ Your New Favourite, NO BS Groups!

That's us, literally being Mums on the Run on our US fly drive with thanks to WOW Air last month. There'll be a WHOLE lot more about that imminently but I'm here today to chat to you about our newest loves, probably the most rewarding thing we've done online to date, our Mums on the Run Facebook groups! 

I've long since said that blogging for me isn't just about me, it's about helping others see that, for the most part, we're in the same boat. It's about sharing everything I can so that the next gal can use the experience without the headache. About adding value to the community wherever and whenever possible. You'll see that in any of my Blog Help posts or on my other platforms on the daily, which have admittedly taken over my blog posting somewhat. 

If you've been following Corrina's posts here or on Stone Travel you'll know that runs in the family. She not only regales you with tales of where they've been but she breaks it down to the point that it's child's play for you to get there for sheckles too. She's kinda deadly like that. 
'You know you wanna'

I've never been comfortable with the term 'Influencer', saying that as someone who has, is & will be paid to work as one. The connotations just don't sit right with me, looking to move away from that a little and make it about the community again, Corrina & I have set up a couple of Facebook groups and I think you might agree, they're feckin' deadly. 

They have proven, in a very short space of time that the real social power is in the collective. Each group is filled with warm, funny and actively engaged women, there to simply help one another out and I couldn't be prouder of us. We don't allow direct selling, link dumping or MLMs in any of them and that's proven to work wonderfully. They're level playing fields and you're more than welcome to join us. 

Mums on the Run (with or without the little ones!)

First up, Mums on the Run (with or without the little ones!) is the original, we set it up as a forum to share hints and tips about days and nights out. Its aim is to get mums as an doras (out the door for those less green blooded among us :)). You only have to look at the group to see how it's working. There's threads for days out, weekends away, Christmas Markets, family friendly spots. We don't allow direct sales or link dumping but we do allow bloggers to answer relevant questions with their links. 

We've been approached by hotels, restaurants and Dept Stores to run Mums on the Run meet ups and customer events and that's exactly what we're going to do. I know only too well how difficult it is to find good friends & wing women when your own are at different stages of raising kids (or not) so we'll be encouraging mums to come solo if needs be, we're in this together. COME JOIN US HERE! 

Beautiful Mums on the Run

Beautiful Mums on the Run is, quelle suprise, about all things beauty! There's no more honest or unbiased beauty product recommendation than a crowd sourced one (unless it's one of mine, natch). There's questions, help, hints & tips and it's flying. 

Again, no direct sales or MLMs allowed so you won't find Younique et al in there. It's a level playing field of beauty lovers. COME JOIN US HERE!

Hungry Mums on the Run

Hungry Mums on the Run is for those of us sick to death of trying to come up with dinner ideas (I've had 22 years of it). We use it to share recipes and restaurant recommendations, whether family friendly, date night or for a great gals night out. 

It's a slow burner, FNAR, in contrast to the other 3 but we've already had a brand approach us for work. I'll be in there, while on my sick bed this week stoking the coals & looking for nutritious inspiration for dins. COME JOIN US HERE! 

Bargain Hunting Mums on the Run
Bargain Hunting Mums on the Run is less than a week old and already over 1.8k strong. Every time I pick up my phone I'm admitting another haype of mums. This group focuses on hints, tips & bargain spotting for keeping your money in your purse insofar as possible. 

Some mums pop up a question for a product they're looking to buy and almost instantly there'll be responses with best prices or better alternatives. It's a real buzz to watch it in motion. With Black Friday approaching this weekend we almost can't keep up, but that's the beauty of these groups too, they're almost self sufficient. It's not about us, the community are already running with it. We're thrilled to have bargain hunter extraordinaire and great blog pal Sharon Leavy of Behind Green Eyes admining this one with us, she's deadly. With zero cattiness, tone policing or carry on, this group is an absolute joy. COME JOIN US HERE! 

And that's them, our Mums on the Run umbrella! As I said, there's no messing & no carry on, we've only ever had to remove one person - and that's because she was continually shilling her wares in private messages. If you're also trying to keep all the plates spinning but would love a little company in doing so, do please join us. You know us. We're having the best craic. 

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