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Totally Tilbury ~ Tellybox Beauty Breakdown ft a Full Face of Charlotte Tilbury

We know by this stage (3 years later) how particular I am when it comes to my makeup for the TV, right? Often the lovely ladies in the Virgin Media makeup room will powder me down or gloss me up, but for the most part, I arrive ready for set. On this occasion I arrived readier than ever as Naomi on the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Brown Thomas had very kindly made up my face. If this visage, while plagued with pneumonia and pleurisy isn't the best ad for the magic of Tilbury products I don't know what is! (It's actually not a Charlotte Tilbury Ad, just so we're clear) 

Product List: 
1. Magic Cream

Tilbury Magic Cream : From €63 HERE
I arrived with cleansed, bare skin, as is one of the most helpful things you can do for a MUA. First product up, Charlotte's ultra hydrating moisturiser, her Magic Cream. This unctuous cream is Charlotte's self confessed secret weapon when it comes to makeup. 

This luxe combination of '8 magic ingredients' serves as a pretty special base for makeup. Having bought and regifted my own jar, because it was just too much for everyday use on my normal skin, I now deeply regret that decision, when I see just how cracking a specialised makeup primer it is. It's by no means cheap but man, my skin adores that hyaluronic acid. 

 2. Hollywood Flawless Filter in Shade 2

Hollywood Flawless Filter: €40 HERE
You'd have to have been snoozing under a rather large rock to have missed the online hype surrounding Hollywood Flawless Filter since its release in the summer of 2018. Hands up, I added to that hype, hands higher, I'm not one but sorry. It's a WETSER of a product and my skin adores it. 

Multi functional in that you can either use it as a standard highlighter on the high points of the face or all over as a primer, this mega watt brightener airbrushes the skin, without leaving tell time shimmer behind. It's consistently the one product that when I use it I get compliments on my skin. It smooths over and essentially blurs lines and wrinkles. Just like perfection. Like no other. Flawless.  Absolutely flawless

3. Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow: €65 HERE

Since I first laid my paws on Filmstar Bronze & Glow back in 2014 I have been singing its praises, converting the masses and hitting pan over and again on this universally flattering glow getter. Quite possibly my most recommended beauty product in print SEE HERE, on the blog, on radio slots and in person. 

Not only is the package full on Hollywood glam but the product itself is unrivaled imo. It's set you back €65, again, not cheap, but worth every single cent to me. I've repurchased twice since 2014 and used it more than any other highlighting duo, that cost per use speaks for itself. 

4. Tilbury Brow Lift in Brooke S

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift: €30 HERE
Not a product I had used before the 3 in 1 Brow Lift from Charlotte Tilbury made short work of my caterpillars. The fine point pencil created hair like strokes, like I needed them, and the highlight added definition to my arch. 

I'm normally a low maintenance brow mascara kinda gal, and do have each of these products separately. But should you be in search of a brow lift tool for your own mála, it's clear to see just how effective this pencil is. Ideal for travel too. 

5. Cheek to Chic Blush in Ecstasy

Chic to Chic: £30 HERE
I will never not think of nipples when I see the Cheek to Chic blushes, I'm a child, I care not. 
These colour rich, crushed pearl toting swish and pop blushes are stupidly flattering on my skin. 

I was delighted when Naomi suggested not only using it as an intended blush, but also as a flattering peachy, pink eye shadow too. We love a good dual use product ESPECIALLY when it turns out as pretty as this did for for. Doubly delighted that I already have Ecstasy in my stash and have worn it as shadow twice since. Highly recommended. 

6. The (Brand New) Icon Palette 

The Icon Palette: €65 HERE
Even though Naomi only used the faintest swish of the top, third from left gold to add a sparkle shift to my lids, I'm including it because LOOK AT IT!

Available on counter now, you'll get a closer look on my Instagram HERE . She really is a thing of beauty. These molten shimmers can be used wet or dry, with fingers or brushes and together or swished on alone for touch of sparkle. I imagine it'll sell out quickly too, considering a quad of shadows retails for €50 and she's 12 for €65? That's just sound beauty maths... An enabler? Moi?!

7. Rock n' Kohl in Bedroom Black

Rock n' Kohl Eye Pencil in Bedroom Black: €25 HERE

Available in 6 shades, this silky smooth liner applies like a gel pencil and can be smoked out for the soft, pigment-rich result of a kohl but if applied to your water line and tight line and allowed to set, as Naomi has here for me, it brightens light eyes no end and does NOT budge. 

I'd estimate I've gone through 4 Bedroom Blacks to date, the secret, as Mzz Tilbury told me herself (ahem), is to always keep it sharp, whether you're smoking it out or not. Naomi further tells me that this in the tightline and their Legendary Lashes mascara is all any Tilbury look ever needs as they don't use falsies. Not that you can't but the effect of that combo is just as good for me. 

8. Legendary Lashes Vol 2 Mascara

Legendary Lashes Vol 2 Mascara: €32 HERE

This long wear, smudge proof mascara, paired with the Bedroom Black liner stayed put for the entire day. Surviving even cold sweats, hot flashes and studio lights, that's no mean feat. 

It's blacker than black, lifts and curls my lashes, it's not great on separation of my lashes but isn't that what the flutter is all about?
9. Latex Love in Cannes Tropez 

Latex Love in Cannes Tropez: €32 HERE 
One of the brand new 6 shades of Latex Love, Cannes Tropez is a lip laquer like no other I've tried. Richly pigmented coral with pink undertones, I was full sure it'd feel heavy on the lip but that couldn't be further from the truth. 

It applies like a dream and hugs the lips (which were outlined with Pillow Talk liner) with long lasting mirror shine but none of the high gloss problems we've come to expect. Comfortable and creamy not once did I have to retrieve my hair from my kisser. For this shine? That's unheard of. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic in Motion

And now the real moment of truth, how did it look on 4k national television, while I got het up on the Elaine panel, not least because Ricky Tomlinson had me in stitches. We also discussed megababe Kate Beckinsale's new romance and how children now dream of becoming Youtubers when they grow up! WATCH BACK HERE!

Me, deciding then and there that I was adopting Ricky 

Do let me know what you think, not only of this beautiful face (and the makeup by Naomi from BTs)(you'll find her Insta HERE) But also of the products, anything here you're loving or loathing? And, of course, of the show, it was a good 'un!

Ditto these posts, I have another 4 in the making and have been booked to return tomorrow and again next week. This plague may have knocked me for six this year but I'm back baby! Imagine getting made up, giving off on national telly and being paid for it?! It's my dream job AND IT'S NOT EVEN MY JOB! 

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