Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Help Keratosis Pilaris FAST with First Aid Beauty!

First Aid Beauty KP Scrub on a White Towel

If you struggle with the dreaded KP, this here? This'll help & fast! I've had KP (Keratosis Pilaris) for as long as I can remember & that's a long time. That's the tiny bumps on upper arms, thighs and cheeks (of both varieties ) Considered a variant of normal skin, it's still a nuisance. 

I first spied @FirstAidBeauty KP Bump Eraser on @beautylookbook's stories a fortnight ago. Sabrina lives in Florida and had just picked up her Sephora order. I got to googling for KP help this side of the pond & immediately ordered from Cloud 10 Beauty (it's on sale there rn

It's been a couple of weeks & I can tell you, from literal decades of research, that it's the most effective scrub I've used. The 10% AHA is the secret & the biweekly use is the key. 

I've not only been admiring the healthy sheen on my skin, that teenage me pined for, but I have also been randomly stopping the lads to have them feel how smooth my arms are too. They hate it here 

Large Tub of CeraVe SA Soothing Cream
Ensure you choose the SA version, that's the Salicylic Acid

Other tried & true miracle workers when it comes to KP for me are: CeraVe SA Smoothing Cream (it's astonishingly affordable for how effective it is GET IT HERE )* and Dermalogica UK & IRE Phyto Replenishing Oil (not so affordable, but worth every single cent GET IT HERE or pick it up in the new Dermalogica flagship salon in Stephen's Green)

bottle of dermalogica-phyto-replenish-body-oil with bergamot seeds and orange slice
The Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Body Oil is like a spa experience in itself 

Tell me, what products help you keep the lil lumps on the down low?

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Lisa said...

La Roche Posay, Iso Urea is also brilliant. The effect can last days without re-application.

Aoifetc said...

Would love to try for the tops of my arms ,if it's a yes from you then I know it's good.

Anonymous said...

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Mark Lense said...

This is a very interesting cream. I like scrubs and different creams, especially ointments. It's good that recently my friend advised me to read Instaflex reviews and I ordered several tubes from them to try. I really liked it and I think I will take more. Especially worth highlighting is their ointment and joint capsules. They really started to help after a few weeks of use.

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Roman said...

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