Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday's Moments - 12/12

Monday's Moment's were MIA last week. For this, soz. Was probably the most manic week of the year with work, a weekend away & graduating but Hey, here we are, 12 days to Christmas, lets get going! 

1. Flash Unmob

Wait, what? source
There's a Storbocks right beside my office. Some days when I've had just about enough of the job I head in there for coffee instead of the canteen. It's a nice little shop, though the cushy chairs are limited and since I'm not an animal, they're my favourite. 

Usually I can rock in, order my drink & take my pick of the seats, Kindle in hand. Not so last Wednesday. Place was jammers. 'How unusual', I thought and proceeded to sit on the hard seats. Just as I went to take my first sup they all got up & left. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. There didn't seem to be a signal, or a worrying ticking sound, they just left. Leaving me alone. With the cushy chairs. Odd & awesome in equal measure.

2. Getting to know you...

Last weekend saw the Sis & I jet off to Vienna for the Christmas markets. I could fill several Monday's Moments posts with that weekend alone but instead, I give you this. That, dear readers is a see through shower, in the middle of the room, with no frosted glass. 

What kind of over sharing, no boundaries designer thinks this is OK? How do business trips fare? Imagine you were there with your parents? Ah we got a right ol' laugh, along the lines of 'Stop looking at me', 'Look at me', 'Look at yerself' and we laaauuughed, until it came to getting dried. To see saw the towel or not? It may be a while before she and I make eye contact again. 

3. Just the two of us...


There's only three of us here in Casa Cherry, if you don't count the fatness that is Diesel. So we get to spend a lot of time together. But it is nice, though rare, to spend time one on one with the lads as well.

Picking up some Christmas shopping this week the eldest Gorgebag decided to join me. Huge rarity, heading shopping with Mam is just not heard of and only ever happens on a 'Bags I'm not it' basis. He wanted to pick out paint samples for his room, which is a whole other story. We got to chat, catch up and try not to elbow each other too much so as to draw attention from strangers. We went for hot chocolate and just shot the breeze. I even got a 'We should do this more often' out of him. Bless.

4. Timbeeerrrrr!

Just outside the shopping centre every year there's a pop up Christmas tree shop. I say shop, I mean container. Every night the chap lugs each & every unsold tree back into the container to be sold another day. Meaning every morning he has to lug the same trees back out again & spruce them up for sale. 

Passing by on, possibly one of the windiest days Dublin has ever seen, I noticed that he had just put the last out. So pretty. Then there was a gust of wind. In the space of the two minutes it took me to drive past I saw him lunge for the toppling tree but missing, it collapsed into the next and the next and the next. It almost choked me. That poor chap. Those poor trees. My poor ribs from laughter. 

5. Lifetime's Moments

Finally this week we have this. Worth four years of blood, sweat, copy & paste. A degree. My degree, no, my honours BA, if we're being precise. It hasn't been an easy road getting this piece of paper as anyone having read my post last week will know but here I am nonetheless. Here we are. 

I'd like to say the paper itself is what makes me proudest but it's not. My Dad brought the lads into Dublin Castle on Tuesday to see the ceremony. Seeing him puff out his chest with pride, seeing my eldest rub my arm when I came out and the youngest tell me 'You look great, Mam and you've done great an' all'. They're probably moments that will stay with me forever. It almost makes all the stress worthwhile. Almost. 

And that's us. Five moments that have made my week brighter and my heart lighter. How's about you? Care to share?  


cornflakegirl said...

Bahahaha, I still can't believe that's the shower in your hotel room. No seriously, just what kind of weird oversharing people are they?

Congrats again on your Honours BA, you absolutely deserve it.

LyndseyJ said...

haha that shower is crazy!!
but congratulations on your degree :) xx

Corrina said...

Hey sis look at this *knocks on shower while sticking bare bum cheeks to glass :) Odd to say the least.....

Delighted for you & proud of you in equal measure for getting your honours BA

S said...

Yay, MM is back! :) That shower.... not a jaysus hope. That's just weird!

Going into serious mode, congratulations on your degree - only just read the post you mentioned, I don't even know you in real life and even I felt proud of you after reading that - you're an absolute inspiration to any young girl reading this, and fair play to you. You're one strong lady, and you deserve every success. Huge congratulations, your boys are lucky to have such a lovely Mam x

Unknown said...

I really enjoy these posts Sue. And congrats again on your graduation!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Christmas markets in Vienna - I hope that'll be me next year! (we're moving to the UK from New Zealand).

And super-congrats on the degree! Blood sweat and tears that you'll always be proud of. :)


james anderson said...

Your Monday's Moments are pure entertainment! The Starbucks flash unmob incident is both odd and awesome. The Vienna shower dilemma had me laughing out loud. Looking forward to more hilarious anecdotes
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