Monday, June 11, 2012

The Lure of the Leopard!

I have one weakness that's crosses all boundaries of beauty and fashion. I can't resist the lure of leopard skin. Be it blushers, bags, shoes, scarves, jewellery or jocks, I have to have it. I'm a leopoholic, an unapologetic leopard lover (a leopar?) a sucker for spots and a tack marketer's dream. 

For the past decade the world of fashion and beauty have become more accepting of this Bette Lynch effect. With big names such as Dior, Cavalli and D&G all embracing the spots and sending leopardy loveliness both down the runway and letting it loose in their make up collections. While my sheckles don't usually stretch far enough for the big names, once the looks begin to trickle into the High Street trends I'm right there ready to buy. My most recent purse, raincoat and slipper purchases are a testament to that. 

A weenchy selection of my leopard collection...

I first realised I'd an addiction to this feline fashion on a trip to Greece with friends, my suitcase (River Island Leopard, natch) was stuffed with a veritable safari. So bad was it that each night on the razz I thought every red light from the cameras were the cross hairs of large game hunters thinking they'd the biggest kill of their lives. Snow leopards, grey leopards, red leopards, a leopard that had been in some kind of freak accident with a snake (á lá Catdog). Think Bo Selecta's Mel B on holiday. I knew then something would have to change.

I'm a fully functioning, well educated adult. I know now too much can look tacky and I do try to tone it down, perhaps only wear one (or two) leopard pieces at a time*. I know all that and still I'm sucked in. Case in point for the Hypnotoad effect that spotted products have on me was Batiste's Wild Dry Shampoo, the fact that I have 3 cans of normal Batiste on the go didn't matter, into my basket it was thrun. Turns out it's probably the gickest offering of their whole line, did I throw it out? Nope. Up there it sits on a shelf, never to be used again. It's an illness, I'm convinced of it.

My go to nail for a night out is leopard print, simple to recreate in any combination of colours, so even if I'm not rocking the leopard print clothes I can still get my fix. It's hopeless.

Tell me I'm not alone, tell me I'm not the only one with this affliction. Lie to me if you must...

*I wrote this post clad face to foot in a leopard print snuggie btw. 
Change is slow round these parts.


Dawniepants said...

LOVE leopard! Totally digging your collection!


SíleC said...

I am very partial to the leopard myself!

Unknown said...

Having the surname lynch I can't wear leopard print..... Cause it screams bet lynch... It's just the way life is

By the way Sile manages to make leopard print classy - I don't know how she does it

Anne-Marie said...

My boyfriend calls me Bet due to the amount of it I own and its a disaster cos nothing ever matches