Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Total Shave Solution for Men (& women when they're not looking)

There's nothing like seeing your baby sidling into the room with picks of tissue stuck to his face after another shaving mishap to remind you that he's growing up, fast. I tried to delay him shaving as long as I could, insisting that as soon as he started he'd wake up like Rip Van Winkle every morning to an overgrown face but no dice, he was insistent that his peach fuzz was enough to have him mistaken for Grizzly Adams so he started to get his shave on a couple of years back.

Because of my irrational belief that they're still baby faced babies, when in reality they're fully fledged teenage hairballs, I was thrilled to be sent some Total Shaving Solution for them to try out. It's 100% natural and promises to eliminate nicks, cuts, raw skin and razor burn, just what every overprotective Momma wants to hear.

Made using only natural oils and menthol, Total Shaving Solution has changed the way the lads shave and certainly the the look and feel of their skin as a result. Just 3 drops are needed for the perfect face shearing. That's 90 shaves per 10ml and 2 to 3 times the lasting power of normal foam or gel. Kerching! It's an Irish product, hailing from Mayo and comes in 10ml (€5) or 25ml (€10) bottles, ideal for travel and overnight bags.

Now for the good bit, ladies, should you feel the need to buy Total Shaving Solution for the man or hairy teen in your life be sure to throw one in the virtual cart for yourself. 5 drops of this natural menthol oil is enough for one luxurious leg shave. It's perfect for sensitive skin and makes razor burn and redness a thing of the past, even in the most rushed of circumstance.

Total Shave Solution got a 'Life Altering' review from and is getting 6 big thumbs up from Casa Cherry. We're loving it. Totally.

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Unknown said...

Hi Cherry,
I have to agree with you, I love this product. It makes shaving, when I do actually bother to shave, really easy. The amount you use can depend on the harshness of your hair, so people with a thicker beard can stick a drop or 2 on the razor as well as the face, that way it glides through like butter.
I used to suffer from sensitive skin spots just under my chin but because of the healthy chemicals in it, I no longer get them.

Its also great for anyone going on holidays, because the bottle is so small and you can't always find a gel-foam you like when on your hols its nice and small enough to keep a spare one in your toiletries bag!

I would give it 5 Razors out of 5 ;)