Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday's Moments - 8/10

Happy Monday one and all, I'm pleased to announce that Moments are back where they should be - kicking the ass of Monday Blues. It's been another busy one at Casa Cherry this week with movie screenings and events but this weekend has been one of the most chilled I've had in aeons. Next weekend is sure to make up for that though with the trip to London with the Sis, I'm super excited for that. Are we ready to start? 

1. That's Fabbo News! 

I'd a pretty amazing mail from Dinah from the iFabbo group last week. She was writing to tell me that I've made their Top 50 International Bloggers to Watch & Learn From!! I'm hugely appreciative and thrilled that they've chosen CherrySue to be part of the group, given that there's so much choice and talent when it comes to blogging these days, especially if you consider blogs from the world over. 

I've been pretty much chuffed all weekend at the thought and can't wait until October 11th to see what fabulous company I'm in. 

2. Autumnal TV

Moment two is actually a series of moments (series, geddit?) it's realising that pretty much all of my favourite shows are back as of this week. I still can't talk about my upset at the goings on on Sons of Anarchy but Dexter is back and as good as ever. Criminal Minds has started back and Revenge, the cheesiest show known to man gracing our monitors once more, as mozarella filled as ever. Also, the biggie is back next week, The Walking Dead. 

There's one thing I don't mind about letting go of Summer and that's the kick ass autumn shows. 

3. By All Means, Freak Out. 

2 Mad Maggies
That's Orla & Aoife up there, my crazy nieces. They're the giggliest, loveliest little girls you could meet but not everyone seems to think so. The girls are twins you see and apparently some people don't like that. 

When we were in the shopping centre last week, we were waiting on the lift doors to close when a young looking (20ish) Poindexter stood in. He took one look at us then at the girls and said 'Oh Jesus, twins in lifts freak me out'. I'm not sure he meant to say it out loud but we erupted with laughter. So much so that he jabbed the button and got out on the next floor. Was the heartiest we've laughed in a long time. God bless 'im. 

4. VIP Isseh? 

I've made no secret of my love for Origins, I've yet to try a product that hasn't completely blown me away. That's why it was with ridiculous excitement that I opened the mail to tell me I'd been selected as part of the VIP Panel to test some of their products. 

It's been a couple of weeks now and my skin has never looked this good. I'll need to submit reviews to the good folks at Debenhams first, but rest assured I'll be telling you all about these goodies for a while to come. 

5. Easy Like Sunday Morning (and afternoon and evening)

Part of the relaxing weekend I was talking about involved an entire day 'off the grid'. The youngest and I cosied up under my duvet on the couch in our bajamers and spent the entire day watching old Buffy episodes, only pausing them long enough for him to do a snack run. 

I'm usually left to my own devices of a Sunday so it was lovely to have some company but even lovelier to hear him say 'This is nice, Mam, isn't it?'. Sunday bliss right there. 

So tell me, what's going on in your corner of the world? Anything weird, wonderful or just something you'd like to share? I'd love to hear it! 

Have a great week everyone. 


Unknown said...

I got the email from ifabbo too exciting stuff

Unknown said...

Me too - mad Ted!

Shelleyti said...

I love the sound of an "off the grid" day... May be just what the doctor ordered!!! And congrats on ifabbo although I am not one bit surprised :)

boredmum said...

Congrats on your nomination Sue, well done,
Enjoy London next weekemd, i was there last week for a very busy day, it was literally a flying visit, can't wait to go back again soon

Makeup Over Mind said...

Congrats Sue! That is amazing! Buffy is by far one of my favouritist shows of all time! Always live your Monday moments! :)