Monday, December 29, 2014

Best Lip Balms for Cold Winter Kissers ft La Roche-Posay Cicaplast, Lansinoh & Nuxe Reve de Miel

Whether you're readying your kisser for midnight on New Years Eve or simply trying to counteract the cold snap, there's nothing quite like the trial & error annoyance of finding a softening, healing balm to get your lips back to tip top shape during the winter months. 

It upsets me far too much to count the money I've spent on balms and lip creams promising to work miracles, only to be thrun aside when they just don't cut the mustard. What with the almost entirety of Twitter asking the same lip related question I thought I'd share with you my holy trinity. The fail safe, faff free wonders that have literally saved my lips on many occasions. 

1. Cicaplast Lips: €7.68 Here & All Good Pharmacies Nationwide

As far as I'm concerned there's nothing the LRP team can't do when it comes to healing, treating and enhancing our skin. I have yet to try a product that I didn't love, even if the blue and white packaging baffles me sometimes.

The launch of Cicaplast lips in 2013, however, was a revelation. I use Cicaplast Baume B5 for anything and everything and recommend it until I'm as blue in the face but this paraben free, fragrance free lip version of the balm has literally saved my kisser several times. This soft malleable cream gives instant relief and comfort and healing my dry, sore lips in the space of a day.

To be used as a cracking base for brightly coloured lippies, a salve for red sore schnozzes (HIGHLY recommended for this) or just as a lip saviour for all the family, this little white tube is a handbag/pocket/purse/glovebox/desk essential.

2. Lansinoh Nipple Balm: €11.19 Here & All Good Pharmacies Nationwide

I KNOW, it says nipple balm, but it's not just for nips, have I ever steered ye wrong? You'll find my full review of this fragrance free, pure lanolin wonder balm here - that's right, I've been loving it since 2011. Not only that but I've only just bought a second tube this month after 3 years of winter usage. Now that's value for money. 

For those of us that adore the effects of Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Balm but can't abide the pong, or the price tag, get thee to the chemist and pick up a tube of this soft skin saviour. Thinking about it logically, if it's soothing enough for one of the most delicate areas of your bod then of course it's soothing enough for your pout. 

Again, it's gentle enough to soothe reddened, sore schnozzes ( I have to hide the tube when using it on the lads) and even on broken skin so a must have for the harsh winter months. Yep, I also wish they'd release the same product in a purse friendly tube but truth be told, even as is, I wouldn't be without it. 

3. Nuxe Reve De Miel: €11.50 Here

This ultra nourishing balm from French giants, Nuxe isn't a best-selling, award winning favourite for nothing. While I find it too thick to wear daily, I lather it on at night as a mask to repair and soothe sore and chapped lips. I've yet to wake up the morning after and not be amazed with the restorative transformation. 

Tell us, are any of your faves in our Holy Trinty? 
What keeps your kisser going during the cold spells? 
Careful now...

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