Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Review!

When it comes to listening to their customers, Molton Brown are all about that noise. Following overwhelming requests from fans of their best selling Rhubarb & Rose handcream to extend the scent to their Bath & Shower range they did exactly that. Just one sniff is enough to tell you they've done the right thing. 

The perfect indulgence for a late night bath or the ideal zesty shower to begin your day, I. Am. Loving. This! Think of the zingy, sweet scent of Rhubarb & Cream sherbets of yesteryear and you're almost there. It lathers more than most of my Molton Brown stash and leaves a beautiful subtle scent & softened skin once dried off. It's an absolute beaut. 

There are those that argue MB products might be a little spendy when a supermarket shower gel can do exactly the same job. The rub is thus, with Molton Brown, you're buying an experience. A moment or two of indulgence. A well earned treat. (I tell myself that every time I see the total on my virtual basket anyway). 

So if you're listening, Molton Brown, as it's quite clear you do - we need this scent in candle form - as soon as ye can possibly do it!. 

You'll find Rhubarb & Rose online here starting at €22 but I'd urge you to give it a quick sniff in store (there's a new one on Grafton St). I can't imagine if you're a rhubarb fan that you won't fall head over heels for it. 

Tell us, are you a Molton Brown fan? What's your favourite scent? 


I spied (and picked up) new 
Rhubarb Flower room diffusers
in M&S this week. They smell
EXACTLY like this & only cost
€20 for 3 - BARG!