Friday, May 20, 2016

Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 4 Review!

FINALLY things happened in this series without killing everyone possible!! Only some important people though, can't disappoint the Michael Bay type on the board.

Of course, that means that Daenarys has done her requisite cool thing for the season. She now will fade to boring nothingness despite setting up a possibly really interesting storyline (even if the ending of the episode was a bit over the top.)

Also, Jorah, what the hell happened man?? You go from taking on gladiators at the end of last season to being choked out by one drunk guy? Greyscale is one thing, but that seems a bit quick. Thank god Daario is an actual old-school badass RPG rogue, or else you'd be in real trouble.

I did find it a bit odd that Sansa suddenly appeared at Castle Black considering any trip in this series, but it was pretty great to finally see two Starks together again. There's also a couple of great scenes with her admitting she was a bitch and apologising, and planning her black widow moves LIKE I CALLED!

My biggest problem with this episode is that they're pushing Ramsey to be the new Le Evil Joffrey Meme Man despite him not having any real base character to go off. Tyrion had some interesting parts in it too, but since Reddit overkilled him in season 1 it just felt like watching trade delegations in Star Wars 1.

Even with that all that complaining done, I think this episode may be my favourite so far. Carry on as such HBO, just don't be such tryhards with Joff-sorry-Ramsey, huh?

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