Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Makeup Forever Ultra HD ~ Real Life Photo Shop for Your Face!

What better way to inject a little beauty back onto the blog than with a GLOWING review for a cracking product range. You'll remember I was freaking out just a touch about the new TV3 HD cameras for Midday? Well one of the most on the ball PRs I know saw my panic and introduced me to one of the most impressive makeup lines I've ever used,  
Makeup Forever Ultra HD.

This entire range are basically real life photoshop for your face. The lightweight formula of the foundation buffs in effortlessly with a stippling brush or can be applied in outward strokes with a flat foundation brush and can be built to a fuller coverage than the medium level of a standard application. The beauty of it? It takes little or no time to perfect this foundation when applied correctly. 

My normal/ occasionally dry skin adores it. The inclusion of hyaluronic acid & 'luminosity spheres' means this satin finish foundation sits weightlessly on my visage. Though those inclusions also give me an inkling that oilier gals might not be as enamoured. If that's you and you didn't get on with this formulation, definitely let me know. 

The real beauty with the formulation of every product in this line is that they work effortlessly with each other. Particularly impressive is the fact that even once your full face is set with the HD Powder, you can still use the HD blush and it will sit beautifully on the skin; unheard of to do so successfully with any other line.  

MUFE Primer for Fair Skin Tones: €33

The combined finish for me is glowing rather than greasy & never settles into my fine lines, no matter the wear time (which is seriously impressive on camera & off). Though primer is essential to ensure MUFE Ultra HD products can work their magic effectively, they truly are just that for me. There's a whopping 40 shades to choose from so I reckon they could be just that for you too. I've have a serious WANT on me for the MUFE yellow toned primer (for fair skin) but right now both my Cargo HD primer and the Max Factor Facefinity are both getting the job done. 

Price wise the Ultra HD line is high end and priced as such at €43 for the foundation, the concealer (which contains Silica to glide over fine lines) is €25 & the powder €33.50. You know I'd never steer you astray in a recommendation when it comes to dropping serious change on products but I can tell you, hand on heart, these are worth every cent to me. 

You can buy Make Up Forever products online HERE, very soon from Debenhams or, my recommendation, with a visit to the Clarendon Street store in Dublin. The gals in store are some of the most approachable and knowledgeable I've ever had the pleasure to chat with and I'll definitely be popping back in for a full face when needed next. 

Tell me, have you been converted to the Ultra HD ways yet? 

Wanna see more Beauty reviews around these parts and not primarily on Instagram once more? 

Perhaps most importantly,*in Ron Burgundy's voice* 
have you SEEN how good this makes me look on Midday? 

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