Friday, September 01, 2017

Things That Rustle my Jimmies ~ 01/09/17

What better way to head into the weekend than with freshly unrustled jimmies? It's self care at it's finest. This week, while getting some cracking news blog wise for Corrina & I, there were, as there always are, shams. How do they rustle my jimmies? Let me count the ways: 

1. Mails, designed to sell you SEO services in the vein of 'Here's 10 ways your site is shittest we've ever stumbled upon' 

(and how I'll charge you through the nose to fix it)

2. Bloggers/Vloggers calling their little ones outrageous & cruel names in the name of 'relatibilty'. 

I'm the last to tell anyone how to raise their family, it's hard enough as it is; but if you're berating or belittling your child in the name of clicks, do please take a long, hard look at yourself.

3. PR companies that address jovial invites to poor old Diesel (18 months after he's passed)

4. The term 'Real Women'. As opposed to?

5. Having my makeup done on counter (a black flick & bright matte lip please), only to look into the mirror and see what I'd imagine I'll look like 3 weeks posthumously with shiny lips. 

Then pay through the nose for the pleasure because she looked so proud of her work and I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

So tell us, what's been rustling your jimmies this week, huh? 

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