Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's Moments 29/8

Ooh second instalment already but last week was so enjoyable, thought I'd give it another bash. So, what have been the highlights of my past week? 

1. I may not be Rachel Zoe but I ain't Nicki Minaj

Nicki, please! What in the name of all things holy was she thinking when she laid this ensemble out on the bed? No, wait, maybe she used part of the bedding unintentionally? As I said, I'm no stylist but getting several compliments as opposed to 'What the Frick were you thinking?' That's nice. 

2. Belly Laugh Anyone? 

Laughing till you get faceache? I loves it. Has happened to me on two days this week, serious guttural, deformed, I may atchilee pee my pants here, laughing. Best. Medicine. Ever. Everyone should have one or more of these people in their lives & if you do? Spend as much time as is unstalkerishly possible with 'em!

3. Where is Everyone?

Ninjas do their best banking on a Friday

I try my utmost to avoid queues, at all times. To that end I avoid the Bank like the plague. Strange thing happened on Friday though, having no choice I got up early, on my day off, and braced myself for an hour of wasted time. I opened the branch door and... not a sinner... no one! Checking my watch, the door, my watch again and then the ground for customers in case I was disturbing a stick up, I made my way to the counter. Through all of the dividers. Looking over my shoulder. The cheery teller told me she hadn't a clue where everyone was as they'd been swamped all morning. As I finished my bidness & turned to leave I was met with a deluge of customers. Beaming I turned back to the teller & got a look as if to say 'Told ya!'. Glorious. 

4. Speed Wobble Undetected

Do you know what's worse than falling? Falling in front of people. Its never funny when its you (until afterward) but its always hilarious when its someone else, so you can't blame them, the mirthy swines. What's the best case scenario when you do fall like I did on Saturday? Nobody seeing you, not one! You get to do your speed wobble, straighten yourself using either dance moves or ninja technique and realise you shouldn't have bothered. Score.  

5. Secret Crush

'I used to have a crush on you'. How do you react to that? I couldn't say what I was thinking because that was 'I have literally never seen you in my life' that's just not nice. What did I say? 'Ehm, ah, yeah?', 'Oh, you'. It's a lovely feeling, even better feeling when you realise this chap is now married and you don't have to cope with the follow up questions. When friends asked what we were talking about I was honest 'Ah he's a lovely fella, great taste'. :P

What have been your highlights this week, folks? Care to share? 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Love it :) I fall a lot myself and there really is nothing better than doing it with no witnesses, the old saying is "if nobody sawr it, it dint happen, innit"

Unknown said...

I love this post, hate the falling over thing. What made my week....had a really lovely day at my friends wedding and was not expecting it to be as good and then something else happened but more to come on that later!!

cornflakegirl said...

Great post and that was great timing on avoiding the bank queue.

Got some bad news last week so took extra pleasure in the little things like winning tickets to the rugby and the banter on twitter about Lorraine and Gavin Friday.

Oh and to just make me smile today, I won tickets to the Fright Night Premiere on Wednesday night.

cornflakegirl said...

Deefu-more to come on that have me intrigued now.

Y said...

Gave me a few good laughs with this post :)
Bet that bank thing made your day, it would've made mine.

Niamh S. said...

A not so secret admirer - noice!

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