Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday's Moments - 16/01

What up, Lovelies, can you believe it's Monday again? Me either. My five top moments to chase away the Monday blues each put a smile on my face this week, as did 3 gazillion other things but that's how it goes when you're looking for the positive. Let's get going, shall we?

1. Found you! 

First up was a real 'Oh, Yuss!' moment. It's not often I colour my hair, chances usually are that I realise it could do with some brightening around about the same time I realise I'm broke. I've good timing like that. 

Clearing out the press in our kitchen over the weekend, however, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find this cheeky fecker. I'd only gone and bought two when they were on special several months ago and promptly forgot about the second. Get in! For those of you wondering, it's the absolute best colour I've ever used, it takes 10 minutes. TEN! and turns out perfectly every single time. Ooh will do a dedicated post mid week, yeah?

2. Buns of Steel!

Original Source

We know I like my nails, right? That Nails tab up there is kind of a giveaway. Well this week I'm once more able to wear them nudey without anyone grabbing my finger and exclaiming 'ohmygodwhatthefeckhappenedtoyourfingerthatsdisgusting' (Happened more than I'd like). Because this week, folks, my nail bruise grew out. 

I wasn't going to tell you how it happened but, you know me, anything for your entertainment. About 2 months ago in my mother's I was pulling in my chair, not realising her chair tops were unattached. I inadvertently trapped my poor pingy under me and between wood and chair. 3 times I tried to get up, 3 times! Never felt pain like it in my life! D'Mammy wanted to bring me to A&E. Ehm, I. Could. Not. Doc:'So that's a nasty break, how did you do it?', Moi: 'I sat on it, Doc, this ass broke this finger by sitting on it'. Scorlit!

3. It Did What Now?

In third spot, a moment that made me guffaw out loud. On my own. I was taking this picture for my recent post on Reasonable Force legislation using mah new camera that I mentioned last week

Of course I've been using it slapdash, willy nilly and never once thinking to RTFM so each and every feature has been a pleasant surprise. While taking this there was a beeping and a flashing warning 'The camera has detected blinking in that last shot'. I hope it feckin' didn't!! Yes, I GoLd (Guffawed out Loud), yes I'm that easily pleased and yes to be on the safe side I'm keeping my eye on him!

4. We're a Comin'! 


It's been on my Bucket List to see the Aurora Borealis since before I knew what a Bucket List was but this plan was thought of by my genius Sister in Law yesterday. What if we forego the Crimbo markets this year and hit Reykjavik instead? My actual response was 'Yes, I haven't read the rest of the message but yes, I'm going to read the message now'.

According to Nasa the Northern Lights are expected to be the strongest they have been in 50 years in 2012 so you can understand why I'd leap at the chance. I'm figuring once in a lifetime, right? I mean when I'm 83 I'm planning on shuttling to forth from the moon with all my millions. The Aurora will be old news. (SO EXCITED!)

5. Geek? Moi?

WTF did I agree to?!

So you all know Reddit, right? Nope, I didn't either until the eldest introduced me about 6 months ago. No, that's a lie, I've been vaguely aware of it for quite a while now but never bothered to investigate further until the eldest found several subreddits that I could submit my blog posts and nail art to. He's gorgeously thoughtful like that. 

I've been submitting posts and comments for a month now but this weekend I gained an achievement that I didn't think I cared about until it happened. I made the front page, yo! THRICE! First with my Bad Joke Eel meme, second with those surfing puppehs up there and third with my Klimt inspired nail art (Tutorial coming up tomorrow).  It's as nerdy as it gets but I'm chuffed. Chuffed I tells ya!

I've been trying to fix my replies to comments on here and it will happen but do please share your favourite moments of this week below and I'll be sure to respond. Happy Monday y'all!


Dawniepants said...

Great list and wonderful news about going to see the northern lights! Wow!


cornflakegirl said...

I love these posts. That is all.

Marian McCarthy said...

oooohhh what subreddit is the nail art one??

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks, Ladies!

Yeah,MsDark it's the RedditLaqueristas - I'm guessing it was a slow night because it got to #1 on there and #7 on the site! Delighted :)

Rob Jordan said...

Roll on December for Iceland :)

Sue Jordan said...

Can't wait, Broseph! You'll get some great shots for your own blawg, innit?

Catherine Jordan said...

Cheers for the mention sis!

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