Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Power of Make Up - Not always a Force for Good

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The entire world (i.e. Me) was in shock to see the above picture make headlines today. It's only a super slimmed down and make up free Snookie!

Viewers of the brain analgesic that is Jersey Shore will barely be able to recognise this loveable meatball. No poof, no print, no oompa loompa sponsored tan?! She could be Kim Kardashian's sister, let's face it, she looks more like her than Khloe. (Ooh, topical)

There are times (I'm looking at you, Britney) where a celebrity being caught without make up makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Unscrupulous magazines print entire sections of pictures of slebs sans slap urging you to feel better about yourself because the lady of the moment is not, in fact, immaculate 24/7. Yep, that totally validates me in my Puggs and sweats. (Penney's Uggs and actual sweats). I don't buy it. 

It's the same meatball, I swears!

The recent parody of Photoshop, Fotoshop, shows us how easy it is to misrepresent the truth and make ourselves beautiful after the fact, the question is why would Snookie do the opposite?

Girl is all kinds of gorgeous without the trowelled on Jerseylicious orange mask, how can she not see that?

There are days (They're mostly Saturday afternoons) when I can't be bothered to put on a bra, never mind the several step face preparation that is my working visage but, genuinely, had I the God given starting point like our Snooks? I would never wear make up again!

What do we think? Would you hold up to the baldy face Snookie test? Do you ever go out sans slap?


Anonymous said...

Yep. All the time. Not as much recently, but I used never really wear anything but mascara (and even that gets annoying as it rubs off my glasses and there is nothing, NOTHING more annoying than smudgy glasses). Nowadays not so much. Prob cos I found foundation pale enough for my zombie-esque skin (MUFE thankee).

Is that actually her? Like.. really?!

Sue Jordan said...

Fair play, Sarah!! Have yet to try MUFE, not sure it could fit in my overgrown stash :)

& Yep, that's really her! Would no one tell her?

Sue Jordan said...

This is Kim without makeup, sisters, non?

Ria said...

Snooki was gorgeous before J.S. I have to say... And I do go out without makeup, simply because I'm bored to use makeup, and 10 more minutes of sleep is always better than the perfect winged eyeliner.And also I touch my face too much (usually facepalm with the things I hear/see). So makeup does not last much time anyway...

cornflakegirl said...

That's some difference, they don't even look like the same person.

I regularly just wear mascara, under eye concealer and nothing else. If I go complety sans slap people ask if I'm sick, it's the pale lashes and dark circles that do it, so this is the bare minium I need to look 'healthy'.

Gaby Fauchon said...
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Gaby Fauchon said...

I don't think these girls realize they do it wrong - if they knew, why would they continue?

Dawniepants said...

she looks so so gorgeous without it, dare I say a completely different person. If I looked like that without make up I'd never ever ever wear it!


Emma said...

She looks so cute and natural, I hope she sticks to this look but I've got my doubts she will. It's kinda like when you get 'celebs' like Jodie Marsh saying they are going to tone their look down but they never stick to it. I used to have the confidence to go out without foundationn, but since my skin has started breaking out thats stopped :( Soz for the mini essay btw!

Makeup Over Mind said...

I completely and whole-heartedly agree. She is stunning makeupless and although I personally still don't have the guts to brave the world au naturale, I completely admire and envy her!

Sue Jordan said...

I feel exactly the same, Girls.
@Emma I LOVE mini essay comments! You're right about Jodie Marsh too, I think it's force of habit, that and using makeup as an actual mask.

Ha, Orla, I've yet to muster the courage either :)

Scarie said...

She is stunning without makeup! I did a makeunder on one of my teens in the theatre last night. She has to come in with no makeup before getting her stage makeup done and she nearly cried the first time she had to. So i tried to show her how beautiful she can look with less. She still didn't believe me :( I very very rarely wear makeup during the day, i touch my face to often ( part of my job sometimes!) and i hate having the feel of makeup on my hands! that said i always prefer the natural ( with help) look!