Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's Moments - 27/02

Monday, Monday, so good to me, Monday, Monday, it was all I hoped it would beeeee...

1. These Boots are Made for Walking... No..Wait..

I told you a couple of weeks back that I've started walking again. Yay me. So I wasn't too put out when I couldn't find parking within half a mile of the meeting I had on Thursday. 

I wasn't too put out because I had forgotten that I was wearing my high boots. It was only 10 minutes into the walk with shin splints that'd fell a rhino that a memory struck me. I had been out on Friday night and had these lifesavers stuck in the end of my bag. I could have moonwalked the rest of the way. I didn't, but I could have.   

2. A Blessing in Disguise (of Rejection)


I made mention last week of an interview I had, well it went fantastically well. It's a great boost to get good feedback, especially when there hasn't been any move in an organisation for several years. 

We didn't know going in where the position would be and once all interviews were done they told us. It would have meant an extra hour commute for me, suddenly I wasn't so happy with a kick ass interview. Turns out it wasn't to be though, a bestie of mine got it and it's in her Department. I'm thrilled for her. Even better than that there's several more choices coming down the road in my place. They say what's meant for you won't pass you, right?

3. Universally Excellent News

One piece of news that cheered me up no end this week was joining the Press List for the fantastic Universal Pictures. There's already a competition up and running for free tickets and so many more exclusive reveals, prizes and preview tickets winging their way to this little ol' blog for you lucky lovelies. 

Movies are, without doubt, one of my main squee makers so this news has had me thrilled for days. Still has!

4. WHY Did I Never Think of This?!

There's not much like freshly fitted sheets for a good nights sleep, similarly there's not many things as annoying as a pesky fitted sheet that's half an inch too small and tries its best to ensnare you, meaning you wake up like a ball of sweat in a crocodile roll. 

While shopping last week I spotted some gorgeous Egyptian cotton sheets for next to nowt. Bought an armload each for the lads but they didn't have any King Size left. Only Super King. Boo Hiss. That's when the genius Sis said 'Ehm wouldn't you be ables to tuck the SuperKing right under your mattress!? Albert feckin' Einstein eat your heart out. GENIUS! I will never buy the right size fitted sheets again. Evah.  

5. Bawl Fest FTW

Now don't think me a loon, well any more of a loon, but sometimes its great to have a complete bawl fest. Normally at a sad show and definitely when on your own and can have the ugliest of cries. 

Saturday gone, while the lads were out gallivanting I happened to watch the newest episode of Grey's Anatomy (have you seen it? What'cha think?). The show has been hit and miss so I've missed several episodes but, Sweet Jebus, I cried my head off. Inconsolable, guttural sobs.  The poor hound had to be sent out because he was becoming quite concerned but boy did I feel better afterwards. I get it, it's a show, I could care less about about the characters but it felt great. Can't explain it. It just works. 

Would love to know what's been going on in your neck of the woods, hook a sista up with your news!


Unknown said...

you have the right idea your a good lady and good things will happen, besides universal is way better :)

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Sounds like you had a grand aul week flossy! Delighted for you re Universal and equally delighted you didn't get the job :) Here's to a great week this week :)

cornflakegirl said...

Ah I love your outlook on life Sue, these posts never fail to make me smile/laugh.

Anonymous said...

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough* I think I'll try Monday again tomorrow. Today was a washout reading and playing about with the 'puter while I try and get over this cold that's turned into a nasty sticky cough.

Great attitude on the job front, though. I'm sure someone as talented as you will be picked up for promotion eventually.