Friday, January 04, 2013

Jack Reacher: Movie Review

Who's in it? 

Tom CruiseRosamund Pike and Robert Duvall

What's it About? 

When Pittsburgh is rocked by a seemingly random sniper attack and five innocent people murdered the police and District Attorney are thrilled to have what seems like a slam dunk case against one man. Before the suspect is beaten unconscious in police custody though, he asks for Reacher, an ex military man with a reputation for getting to the truth by any means necessary. 

Any Good? 

The plot is clever, the action slick and the script, though erring on the side of cheese several times, elicits appreciative laughs throughout. Cruise while producing and starring and writer/director Christopher McQuarrie seem to have taken the intellect and humour of the Reacher character and more than made up for the on screen physical shortcomings. 

The car chase is beautifully shot and the bone crunching action is never far from the screen, which gives the movie perfect pacing and keeps the audience engaged right up to the final show down and the big reveal. We're talking a solid action thriller, people. 

Small... Far Away... 

It would seem that the weirder Cruise gets in real life the better be becomes on the big screen, he's a tricksy little hobbit that one but never less than entertaining to watch. 
Those not familiar with the written series will relish every minute of Cruise as the razor sharp, brooding ex army detective turned drifter but die hard Reacher ( Who is described as 6ft5, 250 pounds with dirty blonde hair by the by) fans, if they choose to even go see the movie, will be slower to be swayed. Truthfully, there's tonnes of fun to be had here for both parties.

In short (fnar fnar) Jack Reacher isn't going to win any Oscars but if we're being critical, Lee Child hasn't plucked up any Pulitzers either. It's fast, it's fun, it's a good all rounder. Go see it, you'll enjoy it. 


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