Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday's Moments: 21/1/13

Hey there Monday, thought you'd see me dying the death of a thousand dogs following a hectic weekend didn't you? Well no-siree, I'm fresh as the freshest of daisies this morning, though there were moments of ropiness throughout the weekend, and set to face another crazy week. How about some Moments, eh? 

1. Over 3,000 Thank Yous

I know full well that it's not about the numbers when it comes to this here blog. I love sharing the things I'm passionate about and am genuinely surprised and moreso thrilled when people actually have a little nosey. I like to make small goals for myself to check if I'm doing ok and one of those was to crack 4,000 hits in a day. 

Imagine my absolute chuffage when I logged on at lunchtime on Wednesday to see this! Over 3 thousand by 1pm. There was an audible 'OH MY GOD' at my desk and then a scatter to try and click off the blog when Mr Boss Man popped his head over, but seriously, thank you all very kindly for checking in. My total on Wednesday was 4,345 by the by, I need a new goal!

2. The 'Lady' in Red. 

I mentioned last week the über swennnky do I had planned for Saturday night (more on that later) but the past couple of weeks have seen me in a tizzy trying to find the perfect gúna. It's not easy when you're short on time and shorter on sheckles, believe me. 

That was until I popped in the Mecca of Mayhem that is TK Maxx, I picked up several options but once I'd tried this cherry red number on, it was love. It's a floaty jersey beaut and cost less than a fifth of what I'd budgeted. If you zoom in there you'll actually see the price. I can't bring myself to type it aloud. Needless to say, it's the bargain of the year and I loves it!

3. Pinkies Out. 

Friday evening found myself and my bestie, Lisa, in the very swish Shelbourne Hotel for the Santa Rita Winemakers dinner. We got to chat to André and Cecelia, the Santa Rita Winemakers and to see and hear more about their work at Casa Real in Chile. To say I was a little green at their lifestyle is an understatement. I'm fairly sure I uttered a sozzled 'You're living my dream' at one stage but they already knew...

We were treated to dinner, at all times keeping pinkies out, so as not to be found out as actual peasants but I have to say: hearing the love and dedication that goes into every vat and every bottle gave us a better appreciation of the wine we were tasting. ALL of the wine we were tasting. My poor, poor liver. 

4. The Swenkiest of Swenky

Saturday night saw me dressed up to the nines again and heading toward The Westin to meet Karen and Emma  for the Vichy Awards. Invited by the gorgeous Paula of Market Match to share the evening, we had an absolute ball. 

Laura Bermingham, stunner extraordinaire, (that's some of her in the photo there) hosted the evening as Vichy retailers from the length and breath of the country were recognised for their seriously impressive efforts throughout the year. Those girls could give our government a hint or two when it comes to rallying the troops and getting the job done I tell you. It was such a pleasure to see the genuine delight and pride of the winners and it was an honour to be invited to share their evening. Lil' ol' moi at swenky dos, who'da thunk it?

5. Himself. 

I really should have a better picture for this Moment, but you know me by this stage. Moment 5 comes courtesy of Himself. I've alluded to the fact that I've been seeing someone for the past several months but there are times when I reckon he deserves a Moment just for him. 

Seeing him in the lobby of The Westin at 12am, having cut short his night out because I was weary and needing to go home, has to be right up there. I've been seriously and sometimes stubbornly independent for a very long time (have had to be really) so someone wanting to take such good care of me is pretty alien to me. In all honesty I've never experienced it before and for that I'm truly grateful. Is nice, like. 
(I know, I'm sickening myself too, I'll stop now. Soz). 

Tell me this and tell me no more, people, what has been floating your proverbial bád this week then? Anything making you smile that you'd like to share? G'wan....


Anonymous said...

You had a great week. Well done on over 4,000 hits in one day, that is amazing!!! Love the dress! That pic the mouse or whatever it is made me lol :D

S said...

I love these posts so much, I save them for Tuesdays because I find them worse than Mondays! The guna is fab, the dessert looked fab, and the last moment had me going 'why would he cut his hair short just to go to the Westin' then cleaning my specs and reading it properly, and getting all warm n fuzzy thinking about the warm n fuzzies when you start realising someone is there for you. Awwwwww! Emotion overload. No-one deserves it more x