Thursday, January 10, 2013

Origins Night Time Routine ft Clean Energy, Plantscriptions, Night a Mins & Modern Friction

I've been building up my Origins collection over the past 6 months or so being a newbie to the brand, well that and they're hardly high street prices. Said collection was boosted a little when Debenhams chose me to join their Beauty Panel as an Origins reviewer (Cha-Ching!) Thing with this high performance, natural skincare brand though that each product is worth every red cent I've spent on them. And then some. 

When me oul' Segosha Karen handed over Clean Energy as my Crimbo gift this year there was an audible squee as I knew I wouldn't have bought it for myself for another while yet. It was then that I decided to use Origins exclusively as my night time routine and, truthfully, my kisser has never looked better. 

Origins Clean Energy: €24

My first step of an evening is the heavenly scented (that's grapefruit, orange & lemon to you and I) Clean Energy. A hybrid oil made with Olive, Sunflower, Sesame and Safflower oils, it can be used either directly on the skin to break down the days war paint or, my preference, with a couple of drops of warm water to change it into an emulsifying cleanser and washed off with a cotton face cloth (Penney's 3 for €2.50 how are ya?)

Clean Energy is an actual joy to use, in the past I've digressed and used wipes at night, too knackered to fully cleanse or, worse, have slept in the slap but since using this oil I no longer feel the nightly ritual is a chore. I Thank you kindly Girl with the Bits of Lovely!

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum: €79.30
There's no getting away from it 80 squid is a huge outlay for a serum but Plantscription
Anti-aging serum with Anogeissus (An-oh-GEE-sus)(Seriously) isn't the best seller on the Origins site for nothing.

Once I've patted my skin dry after Clean energy I use two small pumps of this serum and gently press it into my skin, careful not to drag and concentrating on the eye and mouth area. My skin is definitely plumped and (laughter) lines seem less pronounced. 

High Potency Night a Mins: €43.50
 I have to hold my hand up and admit that this Mineral-enriched oil-free renewal cream didn't hugely impress me first time round. While it's beautifully soft and quenching on the skin, it just didn't wow me enough to stay loyal. That was until I teamed it up with the others. 

With Vitamins C, E & H, this slightly citrussy scented cream works to resurface the skin and helps bring back radiance to dull, tired fizzogs. As part of this routine Night-A-Mins is packing a punch that I hadn't seen before. 

Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment: €45
Promising to repair 4 major signs of eye aging, Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment is the most hydrating eye cream I've had the pleasure to use. 

I like to think that my Crow's feet aren't even a size 3 but this moisture rich cream has helped shrink 'em even further. Whether it's just the extra plumpness in the area or actual cellular changes is unclear but my súils are very, very happy. 

Origins Modern Friction: €44
Lastly, once a week I use the stunning, natural Modern Friction. I've waxed lyrical about this warming scrub here and also mentioned the price might be off putting. The fact is though that now this tube is almost done, I've every intention to replace this once the last squeeze is gone. 

As I'd mentioned this is my new nightly routine and genuinely my skin hasn't felt or looked as good in a very long time. While the prices may seem a little spendy, there is only the smallest amount of each product is needed and if you're pretty much guaranteed fantastic results it really is worth the outlay. 

ALSO, if you're liking the look of anything here, I'd suggest high tailing it to Debenhams while the Blue Cross sale is still on. There's not only fantastic deals to be had but the lovely sales assistants are hugely helpful with advice and very generous with samples. 

Are you an Origins fan already? Anything else from the brand you think I should check out? 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I've got an Origins routine going on too! So glad you like Clean Energy, I can't imagine life without it!

Lines Around Eyes said...

Oh nice comprehensive review. Origins does come up with some good products. I like that your crows feet were reduced. I hate lines around eyes, and am always finding the perfect treatments. And hydrating is really good, we all need that, and also to reduce puffiness. Good post!

Sue Jordan said...

Nor I now, mon ami, nor I!

Sue Jordan said...

I have a serious grá for Origins at the moment too, Thanks for the comment!