Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday's Moments - 13/10/14

If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you're already gonna know what the Moment of ALL Moments is this week. But bear with me, I'm grateful for many things: 

1. Aaron Only Went & Got Himself a Job! 

2. At A Pinkys Out Brekkie, The PR Asked About My Blog, Logged On Right There, Chuckled Out Loud at The First Five Posts & 
Subscribed To Our Newsletter Immediately! (WAAAHHH)

3. I Only Went & Landed Myself a 
Second Freelance Writing Gig!

4. Being The Only Blogger At One of the Fanciest Dinners I've Had - with Press & Industry Insiders - Awesome Times Were Had - 
Our #bbloggers Flag was Flown!

And the MOMENT of Moments:


All in all it was a pretty kick ass week. I honestly believe these posts have a lot to do with my positive mindset for the week and, directly because of that, great things happen. Nope, my feeling fabulous didn't mean Corrina had her newest Bub but you know what I mean. 

Tell me, what's one thing you're grateful for today? One Moment that's kicking your Monday Blues to touch? 

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