Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday's Moments - 27/10/14

Hello, Bank Hollier Monday! For those of you not reading from the Emerald Isle, I do apologise but even though I don't work Mondays anymore, there's just something sweet about sharing that joy with the rest of the country. 

In other cracking news: 

1. Seeing 3 of the 5 Girls Shopping in Boots Googling Blog Swatches Before Buying!

2. Forgetting My Mobile in The Hotel, Pegging it Back 20 Mins Later & It Still Being There!

3. Discovering Tim Olyphant in Justified

4. Having a Date Night With Mah Eldest Boy 

5. My First Agency Meeting!

And there we be. The five Moments that mean this Monday is another one of the great ones. 

Tell us, what's floating your goat this week? 

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