Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Smashbox Photo Finish - 15 First Impressions!

So last month there was a pretty spiffy deal running with Smashbox in Dublin, in that you present yourself to the ladies on counter and, after a short consultation, you receive a free full size Photo Finish primer of your choosing. 

Safe to say, once I tweeted this news, all hell broke loose. The 50 samples from the Blanchardstown counter were gone within an hour! The 50 in Arnott's didn't fare much better. 

I sent out a tweet last week to ask for first impressions of the product, and should you be in the market for a primer, you're prolly gonna wanna read these: 

Above all else were thanks to Smashbox for an incredible event, that, for little buy in, opened the brand to beauty lovers that had never taken the SB plunge. 

Several ladies got in touch after the fact to say they'd booked makeovers with the counter and going on feedback? Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Boots Smashbox counter is the place to be should you want a flattering makeover without the hard sell.

For my part? This exercise just revealed to 2/3 of my office block that I'm also a beauty blogger with a tiny bit of clout. So this post (or the guts of it) goes out to the Fingal County Council ladies ~ Yep, this is me, and now this is you too!! 
Cool, huh?

Tell us, are you a Photo Finish fan? 

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