Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Limited Edition Virgin Mojito Body Range from The BodyShop incl GIVEAWAY!

If ever my 'Cocktail Half Full Kinda Girl' tag line was an appropriate one, it was when I audibly squealed on first sniffage of the new Virgin Mojito range from The BodyShop. Lads, it's DELECTABLE! You know that burst of zesty iced mint freshness you get from a freshly poured mojito? This is exactly that. Oh you don't? Well.... this is exactly that. 

Virgin Mojito Body Scrub
First up we have the Virgin Mojito Body Scrub. This wibbly wobbly tub of zesty heaven is your first port of call for summer scrubbing. Ideal to give your shower a blast of minty lime freshness in the morning, there's nothing quite like this scrub to set you up for the day ahead. While I wouldn't say it's the scrubbiest scrubber in the world, I would say that the combination of Fair Trade honey & tiny scrubbers are enough to, not only revive your skin, but to leave it visibly softer for a long while after too. 

Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet
For those of us that prefer a softer scented affair, the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet ticks all those boxes and then some. This super soft sorbet absorbs almost immediately and leave the most beautiful sheen for up to 24 hours on the skin. Truly, my only difficulty with this was the undeniable urge I had to ask strangers to smell my arms. Community Fair Trade Aloe Vera & extracts of Caribbean Lime and Mint makes this sorbet one you're gonna want in your summer skin arsenal. 

Virgin Mojito Body Butter
The BodyShop body butters have always been and may always be my favourite part of any limited edition collection and the Virgin Mojito range is no different. We're talking the intense hydration and skin comforting that you're used to with this one but the addition of Carribean Lime & Mint to the Fair Trade Shea Butter elevate the Virgin Mojito version to another level entirely. 

I've been pairing this with my favourite summer scent of all time, Aqua di Gio Femme from Armani and I can't tell you the compliments I've had. I'm talking people turning to sniff the air in my wake á lá Linda Bellingham in the Bisto ads (Lord rest her soul). 

Bottom line is thus. If you are in any way mojito inclined then you need some, if not all of this limited edition Virgin Mojito line on your radar, in your life & on your body. STAT. 

For those of you lucky enough to live on the Emerald Isle and left with a serious case of the WANTS following this post - nip on over to our Twitter & don't say we don't spoil ye!

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