Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 22/06/15

It's been a while for Monday's Moments AND SO MUCH HAS BEEN HAPPENING! Apart from the fact that last night was our Summer Solstice and today is our Travel Expert & the best Sister in the world's birthday - here be just five of the Moments chasing my Monday Blues away: 

1. Yourells Salon in Galway, not only transforming my grúaig for my Xposé interview in The g Hotel but giving me a bag stuffed to the brim so that I could recreate the look after our Pool Party! 

2. Not choking, drooling, passing out or otherwise embarrassing my mother during my Xposé interview!

3. Aaron landing a job with event specialists Brand Army!

4. Adam not only finishing his Leaving Cert but finishing school FOREVER! No more uniforms, no more book lists, no more restricted lunches, 
It feels like I've finally left school myself - no lie! 

5. Getting to watch The Script in Croke Park from Na Fianna's Corporate Box on Saturday night. A night of bubbles & Sushi in Croker - 
We had the night of our lives and we're ruined now!! 

Again, as has been the case for the last several months, things have been pinch yourself, knock on wood amazing and I couldn't be more grateful. It's just looking back through these posts that reminds me how far we've come. It's like prozac on the regular!

Tell me this and tell me no more, what's going great with you right now? I always love to hear of silver linings brightening up Mondays worldwide!

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