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June Favourites ft Clarins, Clinique, MAC, Urban Decay, Bourjois, Hourglass, Lancome, Parfois, The BodyShop, Nuxe & The Domestic Geek!

I toyed with the idea of allowing June to escape us sans CherrySue Faves but when I began my customary list of beauty standouts I knew that couldn't be tolerated. My skin this month has been the best it has been in years and that's in no small way thanks to the skincare combo I've been rocking. 4 of which claimed top spots this month. 

As ever if you have any questions, concerns or points to note about anything mentioned pop you link or a comment below. Now what's been tickling my beauty loving pickle? 

1. Clarins Mission Perfection Serum: €60 HERE

Clarins Mission Perfection

There will 100% be a full break down and in depth review of Clarins new super serum, Mission Perfection massaging your eyeballs in the week to come. What you need to know now is that this innovative serum from skincare deities Clarins will most likely change the way you see your skin in just days. 

Of course I'm slightly partial because Mission Perfection relies heavily on Acerola Extract (that's cherries, yo!) to counteract pigment disorders but truly I'm in the love. Aimed at all skin tones, we're promised help with age spots, discolouration, dark areas, marks from acne, dullness and redness without altering the skin's natural tone. All I know is this serum has replaced every single one I own and I'm using it both day and night (unheard of) with great success. 

2. Clinique Take the Day Off Balm: €29 HERE

Clinique Take the Day Off

I'll need to preface my new grá for Clinique's cult favourite Take the Day Off Balm with one note. With this balm we're talking purely function over form, substance over style. This starkly unfragranced solid balm transforms with the slightest touch to a fluid silky oil. 

Just the smallest amount is needed to literally disintegrate your day's slap, including waterproof mascara - though I found I got the dreaded foggy eye twice so I'm now using Bioderma for my siúls. If you're a fan of cleansing oils being an intoxicating experience (as with Emma Hardie's Moringa Balm say) then TTDO is probably not for you. To be honest I was hesitant after my first application too as cleansing oils and balms are a beloved part of my ablutions but that was until I saw my skin about 3 days in. I'm hooked. 

Granted it could be the combination of skincare I've been favouring of late but scented or unscented, this balm is one of the heaviest hitters in that line up. I have no doubt. 

3. The BodyShop Virgin Mojito Body Range: 

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito

The BodyShop body butters have always been and may always be my favourite part of any limited edition collection and the Virgin Mojito range is no different. We're talking the intense hydration and skin comforting that you're used to with this one but the addition of Carribean Lime & Mint to the Fair Trade Shea Butter elevate the Virgin Mojito version to another level entirely.

I have a full review of the line up HERE but please know that if you have a body and a penchant for mojitos, you need this. STAT. 

4. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer: €21.50 HERE

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

First up, I know twenty quid is hella expensive for a concealer when you have the likes of Collection knocking it out of the park for just over a fiver but seriously now, MAC Pro Longwear is everything is says on the little glass vial and then some!

I first tried this in NW20 thanks to the girls in MAC Brown Thomas Galway giving my slap a jujj up before Xposé. Truthfully, I've never been so instantly impressed with a concealer, then consistently impressed when it lasted for the entire evening, pool party and all!

The lightweight formula is ideal for under eye dark circles and covering pigmentation. I'm unsure if it's all encompassing enough to cover major breakouts (YET) but as an every day, brighten your entire kisser in just a few drops kinda concealer? I'm HOOKED.  

5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light: £42 HERE

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer Luminous Bronze Light

I've seen the blogosphere being divided over the latest Hourglass launch, their highlighting bronzers and, for the shortest while, that put me off succumbing. You see 60 Eurobux is a bug chunk of change to drop on another bronzer to add to a pile of bronzers if it's just going to languish in a drawer. 

I'm thrilled I trusted my gut and took the plunge though. Luminous Bronze Light is the lighter of the two shades available (though they both seem fairly similar) and having seen Christine Temptalia & Orla Makeup Over Mind give theirs the thumbs up I knew it was the one for me. 

You're going to need a duo fibre brush and the lightest of touches to get this marbled beauty to work for you but BY JOVE when it works it really works. I've been ditching my contour and highlighter in favour of this bad boy and I can't see that changing for the forseeable summer months. Well worth the splurge. Well, well worth it. 

6. Urban Decay All Nighter: From €12.69 HERE 

Urban Decay All Nighter

Looking to save face in this humidity? Quite literally? I've been relying heavily on All Nighter this past couple of weeks. Can't recommend it enough for keeping my face in place!

I had the travel size bottle that you can nab for €12.69 above but as soon as I realised just how good this fine mist was at keeping everything in place for the day and then some I had to invest in the Mama bottle. Holding the bottle at arms length away, I spritz liberally, two pumps is usually enough (ahem) but I've literally never found another setting spray to work as well as this. 

7. Bourjois Only Bluuuuue: €10.49 HERE

Bourjois Only Bluuuuue

Only Bluuuue.. Can make my nails this bright... O Hoooonely Bluuuue can make my nuuuubs look right... Only Bluuuue & Bluuuue alone... No. Filter. Needed!!

Only Bluuuuue is just one of the juicy new Bourjois La Laque shades for summer 2015, see the others swatched HERE. There's just something about a strong blue in the blazing sun that pleases me no end and this one coat wonder is certainly no exception. There are many things Bourjois do right but hand on heart, I truly believe their nail polish formulations and shade choices are top of the class for the beloved French brand. 

8. Parfois Oil Slick Watch: €39.99 HERE

Parfois Oil Slick Watch

You might remember this multi coloured time piece from THESE Monday's Moments but I've legit worn it every day since. I've never once seen an oil slick coloured watch and Parfois don't even market this one as such but it has to be seen to truly be believed. 

Not only is it difficult to find on site but the picture in no way does it justice. I'd wager I'm asked twice a day where I've gotten it, more when I'm out at the weekend and every single time it appears in pictures. It's the most unique watch I've ever seen and I'm so in love with it that I've already bought a back up. I KNOW!

9. Nuxe Merveillance Expert Night Cream: 

Nuxe Merveillance Expert Night Cream

I'm an avid lover of French skincare giants NUXE and have, hand on heart, never been let down by them in the past. Merveillance Expert Night here fell into the unfortunate position of being one of a bajillion night creams I had been sent to try out at the time of its launch earlier this year. 

It was only when I found myself reaching for it more and more that I decided to forgo all others for a while to see what this white pot was really made of. It's a rich and unctuous cream, aimed at women 40+ or yaknow, me since I have a couple of lines creeping in. I think the comforting and calming fragrance of ylang, jasmine and soft vanilla are what led me to it but the results have held my firm attention for months now. 

It's possible that I don't mind forgoing the scented experience with Take the Day Off above because I know just how good Merveillance feels to apply and to sleep in. It definitely compensates but it also gives my skin a plumpness that I haven't seen before. Forty Schmorty, my skin is loving this stuff NOW!

10. Lancome Flash Bronzer Self Tan: €20.65 HERE

Lancome Flash Bronzer Self Tan

Another fave in my luminous skin arsenal of late is Lancome's Flash Bronzer. Again this arrived amidst a sea of self tans that I was working my way through steadily but as soon as I woke up on the second morning having used this I knew I'd have to treat my visage for a little longer. 

I always apply my facial tanner at night and usually every other night when I'm using one. This brightly scented Flash Bronzer has a thicker consistency than I'm used to, with golden microshimmer but it applies beautifully in about two pumps and dries in instantly. It was the first morning that I awoke and rubbed my face I was amazed with how soft it felt. Of course as a beauty blogger you run through the mental notes of what you're using to find the culprit. I went through the list, washed my visage and thought no more of it. 

The bronze glow is more olive based than orange so looks perfectly natural. More sunkissed than sun drenched and that's AOK by me. It was on waking after the second application that the penny dropped. I have never, like ever had a self tanner react so well with my skin before. My skin is notably softer after use and makeup simply glides on. I'm just using the smallest pea size of Bioderma's AR BB and my skin has never looked better. Lancome's Flash Bronzer has officially replaced my HG Xen Tan and knocked my second favourite Clarin's Radiance Plus off my radar too. That's some going!

11. La Roche-Posay Serozinc: €11 HERE

L Roche Posay Serozinc

I'm going to hold my hands up on this one. I got it wrong. Amid the blogger hubbub of La Roche-Posay finally bringing much hailed skincare fave Serozinc to Ireland I felt whelmed. The brand sent me a tin to try out and I wanted to love it, I really did but it just didn't do anything for me. 

A zinc rich fine mist, I likened it to their Thermal Spring Water (of which I'm a HOOGE fan) in that it felt quite lovely to use but didn't really DO anything for me. That was until I had a hormonal breakout. You know one of those pain in the bone of your jaw before mount Vesuvius even erupts sweinhunds? Serozinc was the only thing I used as I couldn't even bear to touch my own skin. Within two days? Gone. 

I've now taken to spraying the lads shoulders and faces liberally, their oil prone teenage skin is lapping it up and both have commented at how much quicker breakouts are clearing up. I've already bought a second tin and use it as my toner both morning and night in conjunction with the other skincare faves above. Not only is it refreshing on muggy mornings and humid nights but I haven't had a breakout since. I was wrong. There. I said it.  

Salad Jars Aplenty! I bought my jars for €3.99 each in TK Maxx but they're 3 for €4.99 this week in Aldi!

If you follow me on Snapchat (ItsCherrySue) you'll know that my love for The Domestic Geek has been in overdrive this past couple of weeks. Above is my fridge, stocked full of salad jars and overnight oats inspired by the no muss, no fuss genius that is Sarah Lynn. 

I've been trying to up my fruit, veg and wholly nutrious food intake and these time saving recipes are bang on the money for doing just that. Her fruity salad jar that consists of balsamic dressing, strawberries, blueberries, red onion, goats cheese & leafy greens is one of the most delicious food combinations I've ever tried, and I've tried some doozies. There's no fancy ingredients either, just good wholesome food in fantastic combinations. 

The only issue I have is trying to concentrate on paperwork all morning when I know I have a jar calling me with the sweetest siren song from the shared fridge - that and the multiple forks of colleagues trying to nab a taste at lunch. Do yourself, your tastebuds and your all 'round well being a favour &  check Sarah out - tell her I sent you! 

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