Friday, September 25, 2015

Doctor Who & Limitless!

Doctor Who (Season 9)

Up first is something I've anticipated for about a year now - and it certainly felt worth the wait. 

From the first scene he's in this Doctor is established as the dadrock Doctor, with Capaldi dusting off his old punk skills to play Queen and Roy Orbison on his own handpicked guitar on top of a tank - it's ridiculous and more interesting than the entire of season 8 Doctor. Missy was also a highlight; Michelle Gomez absolutely nailed her part and turned her from what seemed like a gimmick into a brilliant character, being equal parts a nutcase and schemer while being funnier than Harold Saxon Master (he's still my favourite though).  

This was the first part of a two parter and is incredibly interesting, but I'll let you watch it because any info is a spoiler.


I loved the Limitless movie, it was such an interesting premise and well written enough to even after this long keep me thinking of what I would do with a stash of NZT, so when I saw the show was out I jumped on it immediately.

The pilot of the show was nowhere near the movie, but it was entertaining enough and added some really interesting ideas - instead of just flashbacks, taking NZT makes a second version of the main character (Brian Finch/Jake McDorman) come out and explain situations and make suggestions of what to do, as well as the crippling hangovers that Brian gets when coming down from the drug.

Bradley Cooper is back as secondary, more sinister Eddy Morra, but Jake McDorman makes a good first impression as the showrunner so this could be a good extension of the universe. The script itself is a bit over clichéd and crap, as is Dexter's sister as the "required" FBI agent, but the pilot was interesting enough to have me waiting for episode 2.

These seem to be my two big shows to watch weekly, but if neither is your cup of tea two other big shows started this week - South Park and The Muppets. 

I highly recommend The Muppets, it's shot exactly like The Office, is hilarious so far and absolutely NOT for kids. South Park has been genius with it's commentary on such things as the PC Police, Donald Trump and Caitlin Jenner, but such things are expected from the best satire around at the moment.

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