Thursday, January 14, 2016

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Hello, Thursday my old friend, I've come to unrustle on you again. It's been an eventful week in many ways, many great, some good, some truly awful. In an effort to restore some personal balance though, what say we unrustle those jimmies? Yeah? Great. 

1. Media outlets posting click-bait headlines about a long awaited Friends reunion, knowing full well it's not a reunion at all but a documentary that will happen to include all of the actors from the cast. They don't tell you that until you click though. SWEINHUNDS. 

2. Booking a bargain flight with EDreams but the flight confirmation revealing you're flying to an entirely different city an hour away, with the expectation that you'll 'Hop on a train'! 
That's not a bargain...

3. The 'Lady Ball' fiasco online this week. I refuse to link it but it's a pink football with huge media fanfare - 'It's never been easier to kick straight, while looking great'. 
Even IF this isn't an ostentatious, outrageously sexist pish take and is an actual thing: 

4. The fact that Adele is not a pal of mine that I can't just call up for pints, even more upsetting having watched this week's Carpool Karaoke (HERE). Hello, Adele, it's me. 

5. The self appointed grief police on social media following two celebrity deaths this week. Telling people what to feel, how to feel and when...

 Tell us, what's been rustling your jimmies this week?
 Release that Kraken in the comments!


jamesanderson said...

Ah, the things that rustle our jimmies, right? Media click-bait can be incredibly frustrating, and misleading flight bookings are a nightmare. As for the 'Lady Ball'... well, let's just say some ideas should've stayed in the brainstorming room.
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asher said...

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