Monday, February 01, 2016

Monday's Moments ~ 01/02/16

I've just about calmed down enough to get our Monday's Moments post back on track and back in their rightful home. If you're not familiar with the concept, and I'm guessing with the new influx of peeps (*waves maniacally*) some of you might not be - these are Monday's Moments. Where I give a nod, a wink and many, many thanks for little and LARGE things that have happened the week before - meaning there's no such thing as Monday blues 'round these parts. It's so cathartic and you should definitely try it!

Anywho, in no particular order of deadliness this week, we have: 

1. Being interviewed by the Sunday Business Post as one of the country's leading bloggers on the clarifications from the ASAI about non declaring of sponsored posts. I'm so thrilled that they got the tone just right too. In every answer I reiterated that we are one of the most influential and vocal online communities there are, there's a real strength in that and when we recognise and utilise it we're pretty unstoppable. 

2. My baby boy reaching 20 years of age. Two decades. I can no longer say I have teenage sons because, well, I don't. It's all very weird and very exciting, just like every single year of the past twenty have been. We're definitely lying about our age from here on in though, just FYIsies. 

3. Getting the call from Debenhams on Friday evening to ask what I'd be wearing on the tellybox on Monday! When I replied that I hadn't a notion they promptly invited me in to see the wardrobe WIZARD that is Mairead! I can't tell you how grateful I am to be treated with such kindness & generosity; I CAN tell you that Mairead is the same Mairead that got me into a two piece when I hadn't worn a two piece since I was 9 years of age. Let's face it, I needed the help!

4. My debut on the TV3 Midday panel! I'm currently pinching myself that I've been given the opportunity and trying not to well up, while scrolling through the most supportive texts, tweets, facebook posts and Snaps. The girls made me feel so at home from the minute I arrived so it's quite literally a blur. This is deadly. You're all deadly. Just deadly.  

5. Our beloved Pops getting the final all clear from his Oncologist last week! It's been a long road and I know many others aren't half as lucky but the universe has given us something incredible. The universe and the hard work & dedication of every single health care worker, nurse, doctor & surgeon that Dad had the good fortune to be cared for by. Thanks will never be enough for every one of them. 

So tell us, what's going on in your world? 

What Moments mean you're forgoing Monday blues altogether? 

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