Monday, February 08, 2016

Monday's Moments ~ 08/02/16

How do, Monday? How do indeed! We're back to regular giving of thanks and counting of blessings and this week has been no different. I'd love to hear what's going great in your world today, pop me a comment, get in touch on one of our other platforms or ya'know say thanks directly to whomever is chasing your Monday Blues away:

1. Managing to get in a movie night last Saturday with Aaron, they're a rare occurrence these days and even rarer that the three of us will be home to partake. As an aside, both Tucker & Dale vs Evil (stupidly funny slapstick horror) & Housebound (darkly hilarious NZ horror) on Netflix are worth your time. We both loved 'em both!

2. While at the Benefit launch of the Bold is Beautiful campaign last week I bit the bullet and allowed the artist there to draw a caricature of me. Delighted I did, as despite it resembling a young Esther Rantzen (see HERE) it also depicts yours truly as a super hero. 

Great fit for the campaign but also great choice of artist as normally those lads look at you, identify your greatest complex AND MULTIPLY IT A THOUSAND TIMES. Not this time. 

3. One of my very best work pals was transferred to a different section over a year ago. Short of catching her at the occasional break I've been pining ever since. Yes, I'm a grown woman. No, I don't care. Well, she's only gone and gotten a transfer back!! 

I'm giddy at the thought of having her in the office & fairly sure she was over the moon to hear she was coming back to me too...

4. I made a new rule this week: If you knock on my door then I won't be voting for you. It's now Adam's job to answer the door and lie that he's too young to vote and I'm not home. 

The thing is he's now taken to coming up with ever more elaborate excuses as to where I am. Today I was 'Gone to Rosslare to pick up her sister because she couldn't risk the airports' (!) The bewilderment on canvasser's faces leaving is almost enough to get up from the couch for, ALMOST. 

5. Getting the mail to invite me back to Midday! I was bowled over by support from you lovely lot for the trial days and have no doubt that the fantastic reaction across all platforms helped in TV3's decision but they've invited me back. I'M GOING BACK!

So tell us, what Moments mean there's no Monday Blues around your way today? 

Do share!

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