Friday, April 08, 2016

My Top 5 Upcoming Summer Movies! (2016)

This post is a mirror of the interview I recorded today for Spin 1038(!!) with the FANTASTIC Gordon Hayden.We had good craic so hoping that it's the first of many.Cross your fingers, maybe light a candle, Aaron. 


As a HUGE fan of the original Warcraft RTS games (1,2,3) I personally have no faith in this movie; what I do have is morbid curiosity. The trailer is a mix of atrocious CGI and ridiculously bright lighting, but appears to have no real substance. I've been pleasantly surprised come Press Day before so let's hope this is one of those times.  

I expect to hate it but sure, why not like? WARCRAFT hits Irish cinemas on June 3rd.


My first thought, while watching this trailer is that it feels like a modern Big Lebowski aiming for a retro 70's style, think Inherent Vice. There's an undeniable chemistry between Crowe's straight man and Gosling's messer, but some of Gosling's humour seems forced and the swearing excessive.

Brought to us by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang's Director, Shane Black (Thanks to Mr. Gordon Hayden for that nugget), THE NICE GUYS hits Irish cinemas June 3rd.


You may not have heard of this small Art House flick called FINDING NEMO... but this is the sequel to one of the biggest films I grew up with. Mam still maintains it's one of her top of all time and she knows her movies too. Set six months after the original, we see Dory do a legger to find her family, while running into a new crew to help her along the way. There's bound to be some familiar faces, right? Like Bruce the Shark (he never new his father)

Everyone, except Nemo head editor Lee Unkrich is back for this, I just hope it's a Toy Story 3 not a Toy Story 2. Finding Dory hits Irish cinemas 29th July.


I have so many questions about Suicide Squad - the biggest being who is this Joker?! Is it set in Batfleck's past? Is this fan theory Jason Todd Joker?? My biggest complaint is Harley Quinn, her costume is Hollywood bad and her (non-Bostonian?!) accent is worse, it just feels like a 'HEY, FELLOW KIDS!' movie, no one wants that. 

One interesting theory is this is a world building movie (like Batman vs Superman) or is it standalone? Suicide Squad hits Irish cinemas August 5th.


I find this movie interesting because it's a WESTERN adult animated film. While adult anime is huge in Japan, we've mostly had stuff like Family Guy on TV but nothing big in theaters, so I think the reaction to Sausage Party will be interesting, it might just pave the way for more of its expletive filled, parent's worst nightmare ilk.

The trailer looks hilarious (especially the potato!!) despite the 'lul weed brah' and overdone swearing, so I'm quite excited for it. Sausage Party hits Irish cinemas August 12th.

I'll let you know when my Spin slot airs over on my personal twitter @DieHardDublin HERE & you best believe my Mam will too over at @ItsCherrySue - she's proud like that. 

Tell us, what cinematic prospects are you most looking forward to this Summer? 

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